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McKinney, TX

Welcome to the DENapalooza event page for the tour stop in McKinney, TX.

Event Date:  March 23, 2013

Event Location: 
Minshew Elementary - 300 Joplin Dr., McKinney, TX 75071

DEN LC Event Host: Mary Carole Strother

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Event Slideshow

Morning Sessions:

Karen Lossing - QRazy About QR Codes - Learn about the rationale behind using QR codes in a school setting. You'll be provided sites that teachers may want to access to create their own QR codes as well as student resources for using popular QR apps (user guide to keep by iPads). You'll also see specific examples of their application in the classroom and you'll have time to create your own QR codes for an instant activity when you return to your school.

Kass Bates & Mary Carole Strother - Digital Books for Digital Kids - Learn how teachers and students can become published authors and create their own digital books with iPad apps like Book Creator, My Story, and StoryPatch. Create graphic novels using Strip Design and Comic Book. Learn how to view these books in iBooks and other iPad PDF Reader apps, and then share them with the world through DropBox or Evernote. Preferred device: iPad

Kristina Spencer & Tony Spittell - Crossing Borders with DEN Connects - Why limit students' interactions, connections, and collaborations to the four walls of your classroom? With DEN Connects, you, along with students, teachers, and schools from across North America have the opportunity to focus on a common theme. Tap into DE's vast resources with team created mini-lessons and student digital dives. Discover uncharted Web 2.0 tools or unlock an old tool's new capabilities. Embrace today's technology to CONNECT with other classrooms, regardless of borders. DEN Connects is a self-paced, multi-dimensional project where teachers choose resources based on their comfort levels with technology and DE, as well as the unique needs of their individual classrooms. Whether you choose to just "test the waters" or "plunge in head first," DEN Connects offers flexibility for individual needs, where our team can walk you through step by step or offer extension opportunities for those who choose to chance the rapids and push their boundaries.

Alicia Rowland & Virginia Gwyn - Project Based Learning (PBL) 101 - PBL 101 is oriented to teachers wanting to implement PBL in their classrooms but are not clear on how to begin. We will share a brief video covering the 8 essentials of PBL, go over what it is and is not, and support the participants identifying a good driving question.

Joli Barker - DISCOVERing Problem Solving Across Content - Using DE content to teach and practicing high level problem solving skills across content. Engage your students in rigorous and challenging activities that utilize DE content to enhance learning in all content areas through problem solving and synthesizing activities.

Elaine Plybon - Transforming the Traditional - Are you sometimes frustrated when teachers get all techy and you feel left behind because your classroom only has one computer in it? This session will show you ways that you can tap into the power of media in your classroom, even if you don't have an abundance of technology. Don't shun those paper and pencil tasks - enhance them with media!

Elizabeth Benno - I've Got the Music in Me! - This session will spotlight some of the fabulous music that is available through Discovery Education and how it can be used in the classroom and across the curriculum and grade levels. Completed project examples will be shown. We will also take some time to search through the music resources and find songs that match the some of our TEKS. Participants will leave with specific ideas and directions to create several different kinds of projects using Discovery Education music resources.

Kristy Vincent - See Me, Hear Me...or NOT! - How does the power of a video change when the sound or video is removed? Experience it yourself in this session. Use the strategies presented to increase student engagement and promote awareness for disabilities at the same time! Suitable for all grade levels, the selected DE video will be at the high school level. 

Anton Bucher - Collaborative Writing with GoogleDocs - Introduce the concept of collaborative writing using Google Docs. We live in a collaborative world - my theatre students have been writing plays using GoogleDocs (Now called Google Drive.) Now, multiple students can work on one script, all online. I have even had students who are absent from school, but login during class time, and work if they were at school. I also will share how my advanced students worked together to plot a major musical - by the time of the presentation, they will have completed the plot, and I can show how we got there.

Lisa Paine - Discovery Education Techbook in Action - Learn how to engage and connect your students with the wonderful Discovery Education Science Techbook.

Dean Shareski - 5 Minutes of Creativity - You can't read a document about education and learning without seeing the word creativity. We all know how important creativity is in the 21st century and yet with all the other demands, it can often be a challenge to make it a regular part of the day. Creativity is like a muscle, it needs to be practiced and work on daily. This session will showcase a few simple ideas that can be embedded into any classroom with 5 minutes and a bit of technology.