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DEN Dr. Lodge Video Challenge

Discovery Education and Dr. Lodge McCammon invite you to participate in the DEN Dr. Lodge Video Challenge.

What's the Challenge

(View Overview and Samples on the Right-Hand Side of the Page)

Standards-Based SongAssociated Kinesthetic Lecture
Afraid of the Dark (CELLS), Middle/High SchoolView the Lecture
Shake (Solids, Liquids and Gases) - Elementary/MiddleView the Lecture
On the Number Line (INTEGERS), Middle/High SchoolView the Lecture
The Value (ORDER OF OPERATIONS), Elementary/Middle School View the Lecture
People Move (5 THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY), Elementary/Middle SchoolView the Lecture
Hello, War (WWII), Middle/High SchoolView the Lecture

  • Submit your 1-take videos for your chance to win fabulous prizes and national recognition. Nothing could be more fun, engaging and...educational.
    1. As a class, view a sample FIZZ music video on the right-hand side of the page. Notice that this is a 1-take video (no transitions, digital effects or editing is allowed)
    2. View the Kinesthetic Lectures associated with the song and the practice movements as a whole class in order to learn the content.
    3. Break the class into small groups, one group for each part of the song
    4. Have each group perfect their part of the song using the Kinesthetic Lectures as a guide.  Students are also strongly encouraged to be creative by adding to or changing their section of the song using different movements or props that further illustrate the song’s content.
    5. Film it in 1-take. Submissions that have transitions, digital effects or editing will not be entered into the challenge.  Students wearing clothing depicting corporate trademarks will not be accepted.  Please make sure you have the appropriate permissions for all students who will appear on camera.

What Are the Prizes

  • (1) Grand Prize: a school assembly with Lodge McCammon: Lodge will perform the song live while the winning class gets to act out their video and the performance will be streamed live to other classrooms around the country. (1) Flipcam and thirty (30) backpacks for the students in the Grand Prize winner’s classroom.
  • (10) Finalists: one (1) Flipcam, one (1) DEN polo shirt and thirty (30) backpacks for the students in the Second Prize winner’s classroom.

How Videos Are Evaluated

Download the full rubric

  • Content - How well the video illustrates the content of the song - 40%
  • Organization – Logistics & aesthetics of the choreography- 40%
  • Creativity - Having new or unique ideas that add value to the video - 20%

View the full rules.

The Timeline


Congratulations to all of our finalists, and to our
Grand Prize winner Jeffrey Collins from North Carolina