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Discovery Education in Action

About These Videos

This series of classroom vignettes demonstrates a wide range of educators transforming their classrooms to engage learners. Incorporating Discovery Education curricular resources and implementing techniques learned through Discovery Education professional development, these condensed, model lessons describe aspects of the 5E Instructional Model and provide a window into the Discovery Education classroom.
  • Engage — Make connections between past and present learning experiences, lay the organizational groundwork for the activities ahead, and stimulate student involvement in the anticipation of upcoming activities. 
  • Explore — Work together in teams, building a base of common experience which assists students in the process of sharing and communicating. The teacher acts as a facilitator, providing materials and guiding the students’ focus. 
  • Explain — Put the abstract information they have been gathering into a more concrete, communicable form. Students are encouraged to put these explanations into their own words and demonstrate understanding.
  • Elaborate/Extend — Encourage learners to expand on the concepts learned, make connections to other related concepts, and apply their understandings to the world around them.
  • Evaluate — Provide for self assessment as well as formal assessment as the learning occurs.