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Dive Into Shark Week and Open up a World of Learning

Shark Week is back, and we invite you to use the powerful appeal of this event to explore important topics including biodiversity, ocean conservation, sharks, and more.

Dive in with a vast array of instructional content and resources from new videos, to activities, to on-demand archives of two virtual experiences about our oceans and the importance of biodiversity.

An Ocean Full of Video Content

Let summer begin before school lets out with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week!

Discovery Education Streaming and Discovery Education Science Techbook are pleased to offer a deep dive on sharks that reinforce life science instruction using engaging videos from Shark Week (coming soon) and lessons on biodiversity, ocean conservation, and sharks.

For the first time, Discovery Education has access to a sneak peek episode from Shark Week, Jungle Shark. Your students will understand why the Central American jungle has a new and unexpected predator, the Bull Shark, swimming in the murky river system. We invite all Discovery Education users to share this exclusive show with your students.

Watch a sneak peek of Jungle Shark.

Shark Smart Tweet

Have your class join in the discussion by sharing new facts or observations, and classroom pictures with us on Twitter @DiscoveryEd with hashtag #sharksmart

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Additional Classroom Resources

Complement the exclusive sneak peek Shark Week program and video content with a variety of related resources to help you dive deeper into these key topics.

Classroom Activities (Grades 3-5)

Spark your students’ interest in sharks when you use these jaw-some classroom activities including a word search, coloring sheet, and crossword puzzle.

Download these classroom activities.

Content Collections (Grades 6-12)

Below you will find a number of content collections to use in your classroom to provide context to, and engagement with, the topic of sharks, oceans, and more. Explore:

Live Shark Cam

Give your class a virtual class pet – the shark! Your students can observe sharks on their own time in their natural environment. No scary shark dives required.

Virtual Viewing Experiences

Expedition Earth Day

Did you know there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by 2050? Or that cameras are used to measure sharks and other large fish? Grab your scuba gear and join Discovery Education for a deep dive with experts from Ocean First Education to investigate these topics and explore our ever-changing marine ecosystems.

Watch Now

Racing Extinction #StartWith1Thing Virtual Field Trip

Immerse your students in one of the most significant challenges facing this generation and inspire them to problem-solve for their future. Students will learn why most biologists believe one-half of Earth’s higher life forms will be extinct by 2100, why it’s important to address this loss of biodiversity, and what can be done to prevent it.

Watch Now

Experience Sharks in Virtual Reality (VR)

Experience sharks like never before with a virtual reality experience that will make your students feel like they are swimming beside these amazing creatures. Plunge into this 360 degree viewing experience to enrich your classroom instruction and immerse your students in the world of sharks. There are several ways to get your class up close and personal to this additional shark content:

1) Watch the VR videos below on any computer for a full 360 degree experience:

  • Sharks Everywhere
  • Shark Shipwreck
  • Underwater Shark Experiment

2) Give your students an even further enhanced viewing experience. Invite students to bring in their smart phones or tablets and download Discovery VR at no cost from the app store (available from the Apple App or Google Play stores on your phone or tablet). You can find the videos above and more under "Mythbusters."

3) For the most immersive experience, pair a smart phone with a VR viewing device using the Discovery VR app and students can jump into a true VR viewing opportunity.

Sharks Everywhere

Shark Shipwreck

Underwater Shark Experiment

For additional Shark Week content, visit

Experience Discovery Education Science Techbook™ in Action

Learn more about what it’s like to teach and learn inside of a Science Techbook classroom – we give you the full 360° view.

Dive Into Science Class

Change the Tide

A world without oceans is a world without sharks. Learn how Discovery is making waves and building support for the conservation, preservation, and restoration of our planet’s oceans. Visit

Summer Adventure

The learning doesn’t have to stop when school ends. Students can continue to dive into a variety of educational content, including our beloved sharks and more, with Discovery Education’s Summer Adventure. The Summer Adventure is a series of virtual experiences that take students around the world and keep them engaged all summer long.

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