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Constitution Day Virtual Field Trip

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Go Behind the Scenes with the Founders
at the Library of Congress

In honor of Constitution Day, Discovery Education is taking you behind-the-scenes at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Meet the new Librarian of Congress, take a tour of the largest library in the world, and get a candid look into the minds that founded our country.

  • What was George Washington really thinking about during the Constitutional Convention?
  • What were Alexander Hamilton's parting sentiments to his wife, Eliza, before his fatal duel with Aaron Burr?
  • What did Thomas Jefferson try to cover up in his original draft of the Declaration of Independence, and how did scientists at the Library of Congress uncover the truth?

Educational Objectives

To provide all students the opportunity to:
  • Understand the role the Library of Congress plays in preserving our national history, including the history of the Constitution and other founding documents
  • Examine primary sources to learn about the thinking and motives of the founders
  • Evaluate the importance of document preservation and document research

Classroom Activities

Enhance your students' experience with these carefully crafted classroom activities:

Did you know...

British troops burned the library in 1814, destroying the library's core collection; and Congress subsequently purchased Thomas Jefferson's personal library of 6,487 books.

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