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Beyond the Textbook
Discovery Education is developing an online basal service for elementary and middle school supporting science inquiry with content tied to Indiana state science standards. The service provides core science content through multiple learning modalities. Coupled with a real-time assessment component that measures students' progress, it recommends individualized resources that reinforce classroom instruction.

Listen to Scott Kinney, Vice President of Global Outreach and Professional Development as he describes the emerging and growing number of reasons to move beyond textbooks.

Part I (5:04) How the world has changed for educators and students

video 3

Part III (4:27) It's time to evolve our practices

video 2

Part II (4:32) Differentiating instruction becomes reality

Discovery Education
Discovery Education empowers educators to engage students and transform classrooms by providing dynamic curricular resources, customized professional development plans, and assessment services that measure and improve student achievement.

Over the past decade, through continuous improvement and powered by the Discovery Channel, our core video services have grown to provide comprehensive curricular resources.

> Digital Curricular Resources that provide opportunities for learning any time, any place, and at any pace. The more than 150,000 multimedia components include video clips, virtual labs, interactives, audio files, podcasts, lesson plans, and more.

> Community and support fostered by the Discovery Educator Network (DEN), the largest active educator community, that offers guidance, resources, and best practices on the effective and appropriate use of digital media in the classroom.

> Professional Development services that improve educator performance and student achievement by building local capacity to meet the needs of today’s technology-savvy students.

> Assessment services that enable educators to measure achievement on an ongoing basis and effectively prepare students to succeed on high stakes exams.