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Constitution Day at the
National Constitution Center

A Two-Part Virtual Event
Watch the Archive

2015's Constitution Day celebration featured two exclusive events webcasted live from Philadelphia to classrooms across the United States. For those who missed any portion of these live virtual events, archived video is available below.

Watch the Constitution Day 2015 Archive

A Tour of the National Constitution Center and Conversation with Judge Marjorie O. Rendell

About Judge Marjorie O. Rendell

Take a virtual tour inside this cutting-edge museum, the first and only one of its kind devoted to the U.S. Constitution. Highlights of the 30-minute tour:

  • Signers’ Hall which includes 42 life-sized bronze statues of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention
  • Exhibits that focus on the 13th Amendment, women’s rights, civil rights, and more
  • American National Tree that gives an interactive glimpse of the lives of 100 citizens

Student Town Hall with Justice Breyer

Students will meet Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer who will speak about the ins and outs of his job and answer students’ questions

Watch the archived event here.

How to Watch

Stay right here, or come back to this page when you're ready to watch. All you will need to view the event is a laptop or computer with an internet connection and a means of projecting your screen to the classroom.

Both events are appropriate for upper elementary, middle, and high school students.

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Objectives and Classroom Activities

Educational Objectives

To provide students across the United States with the opportunity to:

  • Get a short tour of the National Constitution Center
  • Learn the role of the Supreme Court and Supreme Court Justice
  • Find out the path to becoming a federal judge

Classroom Activities

Check out these suggested lessons/activities to enhance your students' experience:

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