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Red Ribbon Week

On-Demand Virtual Field Trip

In honor of Red Ribbon Week, we’ll be celebrating the furriest members of the police force that help keep our communities a safe place to learn, play, and live.

Celebrate with Discovery Education and the Santa Ana Police Department

Virtual Field Trip Information

Join Discovery Education for an exclusive Red Ribbon Week virtual field trip as we go behind the scenes to learn how police canines are selected, trained, and patrol the streets. The Santa Ana Police Department dogs will demonstrate their intellect, agility, and obedience through a variety of exercises at their training academy.

During the field trip, the Santa Ana Police Department will be sharing and demonstrating how they use dogs to keep our communities safer through finding drugs, weapons, and other articles as well as taking down suspects.

If you have a younger audience and are concerned about the content, please preview content prior to watching with your class.

This 30 minute virtual field trip is appropriate for all grades.

How to Watch

This virtual field trip is available on-demand in the livestream viewer above. All you will need to view the event is a laptop or computer with an internet connection and a means of projecting your screen to the classroom.

Join the Discussion

Join the live discussion or share pictures of your classroom with us on Twitter @DiscoveryEd with hashtag #CelebratewithDE.

Objectives and Classroom Activities

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