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How Podcasting Works: Why researching and writing can lead to a career in just about any field

Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant are best known as the co-hosts of Stuff You Should Know, a top 10 iTunes podcasts that gets five million downloads a month. Since being hired on as HowStuffWorks staff writers just a few years ago, Chuck and Josh's career has gone in some surprising directions. First they were assigned to create a podcast from scratch without ever having heard one before. Next they learned new jobs, like how to manage social media, blogging, creating ad integrations for companies like Toyota and Quaker State and, ultimately, their jobs landed them in a TV show based on their professional lives. Throughout this whole crazy course, Josh and Chuck found that they were well-served by their abilities to research and to express their thoughts through writing and talking. In this webinar, Chuck and Josh will discuss how they research for anything from writing a television script to a quick blog post and how it's helped them in their careers (and could help in just about any field).

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