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Worldwide Summer Adventure

Join us on a worldwide adventure, and let learning take you around the world.

With the summer vacation rapidly approaching, we know you can’t wait to relax by the beach, visit a far-flung destination, or spend quality time with family and friends closer to home. But, what if you could also travel the world and continue learning all summer long?

Have the Summer of a Lifetime with Discovery Education!

What is the Worldwide Summer Adventure?

In this adventure, you will be able to virtually visit museums, visit the tundra, and take a deep dive under the sea…and that's just for starters.

How Will it Work?

Every trip has to start somewhere, and this is the "launch pad" for your adventure. A number of summer experiences, virtual trips, and explorations are already live - so you can get started straight away. We will be posting new ideas throughout the summer.

How Do I Get My Students Started?

This Summer Adventure web page has all the resources needed to share with your students and their parents. We have included a parent letter, student bookmarks to remind them of their login to Discovery Education, and a passport for them to record their adventure.

These resources are available to all Discovery Education Streaming customers. If you are not currently a subscriber to Discovery Education Streaming, you can sign-up for a no-obligation free trial to access the resources for this adventure.

Take a Trip Around the World

Go beyond the classroom walls and into some of the world's most iconic locations for rich and immersive learning experiences — no permission slips required. Tour the Windsor Castle, join EA SPORTS to learn how data dominates video game development, tour significant Shakespeare-related locations, relive the great American eclipse and much more. Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips are fun, educational, and free!

Let's Get Started

Join us as we explore the world we live in with our Virtual Field Trips below. Use the student passport to build your journey as you virtually visit museums, monuments, inventors, national parks, and more. Write down the location along with some fun facts that you have learned from the trip!


The Great American Eclipse

Navy’s Elite STEM Workforce

Explore the US Senate

Shakespeare 400

Trip to Windsor Castle

Tundra Connections

Generation Beyond

More Virtual Field Trips

Fun Summer Activities

With Studio, our exciting new creation and collaboration feature, there are endless possibilities to develop engaging lessons. Students can demonstrate learning independently or collaboratively by creating digital boards in a safe and secure environment. Explore the Studio Boards below and dive into some of our digital resources.

Developing Academic Vocabulary

Review the list of vocabulary words in this Studio Board. Pick 3 favorites to focus your learning. (You can pick your own word during the activity.) You will define the 3 words you choose with the help of some interactive activities.

Start Activity

Compare and Contrast

What do you know about Ecosystems? Fill in the chart included with what you know and wonder about these communities. Then move through the board to find out how varied ecosystems can be.

Start Activity

Drama from the Funnel

Focus on the force and power of tornadoes to practice and hone your descriptive writing. From the drama of funnels to the widespread destruction they can leave in their wake, tornadoes are a challenge to capture in words.

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Discover Your World

Want to keep exploring your world? Access the Content Collections below to take a deeper dive into some of our Discovery Education resources. Each Content Collection is based on the most popular curricular topics, which includes lesson plans, videos, images, articles, and primary source materials.

Explore everything from Animals to Astronauts

Planet Earth
Journey from the rain forests of Borneo to the peaks of the Himalayas to uncover the beauty and mystery of life on our planet.

Investigate the vast world of the animal kingdom including amphibians, birds, insects, mammals, and reptiles.

Space and Beyond
Expand your perspective from Earth, to the solar system, and to the edges of space. Exploration is part of being human; exploring space is the next frontier of our time.

Discover Your Future

True Calling
From ship-welders to jewelry designers to CPAs and more, each episode demonstrates the skills needed to create a purposeful future.

STEM Careers
Visualize yourself working in the field of science, technology, engineering, or math—perhaps as a pilot, video game designer, skate park designer, or chemist.

Career Connections
Take a trip to the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California to see some of the innovative careers that fuel this Silicon Valley powerhouse.

Celebrate with Discovery Education

Memorial Day
Celebrate Memorial Day in the United States. On this day, many people attend parades, spend time with family and friends, and remember those who have served our country.

On D-Day, Allied soldiers fought through German defenses and into the French countryside, beginning their march toward Berlin and the end of World War II.

Labor Day
Celebrate the achievements of workers in the United States with parades, news stories, and personal celebrations on the first Monday in September.