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Spotlight on Mooresville Graded School District

Digital Conversion Leads to Real Results

Mooresville Graded School District was interested in shifting their culture to engage students and prepare them for college and entrance into the technology-fueled workforce. Working with administrators, classroom teachers, and parents, Discovery Education developed a strategy that included engaging and motivating digital content and professional development as a key to their digital conversion.


Mooresville Graded School District was a middle-of-the-pack district when it came to student performance. For decades, systems put in place through per pupil expenditures that ranked in the bottom quintile for the state, served its 5,400 students reasonably well. Wanting to become a high-performing district, how could the district ignite the inherent curiosity in its students and accelerate gains in student achievement while maintaining the line on district budget?


Mooresville Graded School District implemented the following Discovery Education services:

Results — Higher Achievement, Lower Dropout Rate

The Digital Conversion is an ongoing effort. The change in culture, an embracing of digital content as one of the engines of classroom discussion and instruction, resulted in student proficiency on state exams rising to 2nd place within the state while maintaining fiscal discipline.

Additionally, during the same time period the number of actual students dropping out decreased year over year.

Watch the Video Case Study

Results 5 Years after the
Digital Conversion

“I really do believe the video vignette is a masterful key to designing curriculum that connects students with 21st century learning, and when you combine with text and assessments, we’ve seen phenomenal results."
Dr. Mark Edwards
Mooresville Graded School District