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Spotlight on Sherman Independent School District

Supporting Digital Transformation and Reaching New Milestones

Indianapolis Public Schools LogoSherman Independent School District in Sherman, Texas serves over 6,700 students. In order to help fulfill their mission, "to ensure that each student is equipped to excel in our changing environment, through a school system characterized by an unrelenting passion for excellence," Sherman ISD turned to Discovery Education. Sherman ISD has partnered with Discovery Education for almost 10 years, and recently helped Discovery Education reach an important milestone — 500 million digital learning objects served.


Sherman Independent School District is characterized by an unrelenting passion for excellence. The goal for their district is that each student learns every day, reaches his or her potential, and graduates on time and prepared for what lies ahead after graduation, whether it be college or a career. 


Sherman Independent School District implemented the following Discovery Education service:


Sherman ISD and Discovery Education have partnered for more than 10 years to transform classrooms, empower educators, and ensure every student graduates with the skills to excel in the changing world. Both administrators and educators at Sherman ISD say digital content has enhanced the overall learning experience by empowering teachers, engaging students, and increasing overall participation in classroom activities.

Sherman Independent School District's Wakefield Elementary Views our 500th Millionth Learning Resource

“Our kids are very technology savvy and they understand how it works and that has allowed us to bring, at their fingertips, some of the things they like doing best, which is just using technology. It's fun to them and they're learning at the same time. So, I think it's certainly motivating them. It's increased their interest, increased their engagement, and I think in most cases it has increased their achievement in the classroom.”

Dr. Al Hambrick, Superintendent
Sherman Independent School District, Texas