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STEM Connect: An Interdisciplinary STEM Resource for Grades K-8

Real Challenges. Real Possibilities.

Discovery Education STEM Connect is an interdisciplinary K-8 resource used to supplement core curriculum. It guides students to develop and apply knowledge and skills to important real-world challenges as it helps them builds real possibilities for their future.

How can we inspire students to solve real-world challenges?

STEM Connect provides every child with opportunities to access their greatest potential as it builds important connections that strengthens critical thinking skills, ignites exploration practices, and inspires life-long STEM habits.

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Experience STEM Connect. First.

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Launching January 8, 2018

Designed to bring the solution seeker out in all learners.

This web-based resource offers flexible, modular units that:

  • Present relevant, real world problems
  • Give opportunities to creatively brainstorm multiple solutions
  • Encourage critical thinking and collaboration
  • Provide opportunities to develop and apply solutions
  • Ask students to share and communicate their ideas, process and solutions
  • Connect career opportunities in context
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