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We know that community is important for both your professional growth and the growth of your teachers. For you, we have curated a variety of resources specific to your professional growth. We also encourage you to actively share with your teachers all of the resources your Discovery Education Community offers.

Learn more about programs for school and district administrators.

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Resources for Administrative Leaders

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We believe that engaging with the Discovery Education Community is a natural support for building your local communities of practice. Involvement in a community of practice is an important aspect of teaching as outlined in components 4d (Participating in the Professional Community) and 4e (Growing and Developing Professionally) from the Danielson Framework for Teaching. Find out more about programs specifically for you on this page and then encourage your teachers to become active in the Discovery Education Community too.

One Idea With: Series

Discovery Education Senior Vice President Scott Kinney interviews industry leaders about one idea they are employing to significantly impact their work in education. Topics range from teacher preparedness and digital citizenship to early learning, inclusion and so much more. | Learn More

Take 5 Leadership Series

These five-minute professional learning videos are designed to provide education leaders with quick, but powerful leadership strategies around storytelling, social media, brand development and more. We will be launching a new webpage for this series soon.

Principal Update

Packed with timely information about upcoming events, new content, best practices from other administrators, instructional ideas to share with your staff, and inspiration for staff development, the Principal Update is your window into all the great opportunities for educators, teachers and students from Discovery Education. | Learn more.

Events for School and District Leaders

Virtual and in-person events allow educators to connect and collaborate with one another. Discovery Education offers many events that are useful for educators from a variety of backgrounds and specialties. We do offer events designed specifically for school and district administrators.

Each year, Discovery Education brings school administrators together to participate in this four-day immersive professional development and networking summit. Attendees learn how to use technology to energize their own leadership and empower their teachers, while they develop lasting relationships with other school leaders.
These informal events feature a number of five-minute Ignite-style talks from educators who are passionate about teaching, learning and sharing things they've discovered that drive their creativity and innovation.
At the Table
At these events, principals collaborate with one another to share and learn ways to support their schools through the digital transition. They experience a series of digital infused activities being used to transform today’s classroom.
Throughout the year, Discovery Education brings together district administrators for a two-day learning and networking symposium. These intimate events dig into topics identified by education leaders and provide immersive opportunities for collaboration, idea sharing and networking.
DINE events provide a setting for you to connect with your peers to share a meal, collaborate on challenging issues and share strategies that are making a difference for your school or system.
Professional Learning For Busy District Level Administrators

Inside :30 is a new thought-provoking webinar series that will explore important educational topics and provide administrators with innovative ideas to make improvements in teaching and learning... all in just 30 minutes.


When a principal goes looking for help and support, where does she find it? Find out how this Alabama educator makes it happen. Meet Delsia Malone.

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