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DEN Ambassador Program

The Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Ambassador Program fosters teacher leadership, builds capacity, and grows community by empowering educators to share their learning with their peers. The program materials support the integration of digital media and technology into the teaching practice and provide a platform for emerging leaders to collaborate.

Supporting Teachers in their Daily Practice

Program Overview

The DEN Ambassador Program is a learning experience designed to fully support teachers as they integrate digital media into their teaching practice while building a community of educators who share, reflect and learn together. The program is lead by a school or district leader and Discovery Education provides all of the materials needed to host the program. By leading the three in-person professional learning and networking events for your colleagues, you can grow your practice together. Your Discovery Education team will provide you ongoing support as you lead a cadre in your school, district, or region.

Program Benefits

  • Develops skills and strategies for integrating digital media and technology
  • Builds teacher capacity
  • Propels collaboration through an active professional learning network
  • Drives purposeful usage of Discovery Education resources

Program Components

  • Three in-person meetings over the three-month program
  • Monthly assignments and weekly messages
  • Online virtual conference and other optional events to connect with the Discovery Education Community

What Ambassadors Are Saying

I was afraid that my lack of knowledge and experience would place me at a disadvantage. That did not occur. I believe that I have benefited at every level. I did not use digital resources in my classroom because it is difficult to find digital resources for ELA that can be unpacked and made available without changing the dynamics of the lesson. My students and I love using digital media because of the Ambassador Program.

We are all teaching in the classroom and facing the same demands from the district and our students. I have learned so much from these educators. The time and effort that I share with them feels valued, and I feel renewed with fresh energy after each meeting. My administrator was very excited to hear about what I learned. She is looking forward to me sharing with the faculty all the information I gain from the Ambassador meetings.

My biggest takeaway is collaborating with teachers from different schools and content areas to complete a common task with students. It was great to feed off each others' ideas and having the classroom back up what I was teaching in technology and then expanding on the lesson through DE was a great experience.

Program Timeline

The DEN Ambassador program runs two cadres per year:
Fall: September - December
Spring: January - April

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Get Involved

DEN Ambassador cadres are selected by the Discovery Education team. If you are interested in hosting the DEN Ambassador program in your district, we invite you to apply to lead a cadre.

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