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Whether you are a teacher, a library media specialist, or instructional leader, your Discovery Education Community is here to help you connect with other passionate educators. If you have access to Discovery Education, you are already a member of the Community. Welcome!

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Discovery Education Community Member

The Discovery Education Community is an inclusive one. If you are interested in learning more about the effective integration of digital resources into your instruction or further developing your leadership practice, there are a lot of different ways to dip your toes in the water or take the plunge. Attend virtual field trips or webinars, connect with us on social media, or learn new instructional strategies from the Discovery Education blog.

Become a STAR Discovery Educator

If you are passionate about transforming learning experiences with digital media and thrive on sharing resources, collaborating, and networking we’d like to invite you to take the next step with your Discovery Education Community. Apply to be a STAR Discovery Educator. STARs are committed to building a supportive global learning community through active sharing, interacting and co-exploring.

As a STAR you have the opportunity to:

  • Receive invitations to exclusive Discovery events
  • Attend local, regional, and state-level Discovery Education events
  • Serve on the Discovery Education Leadership Council
  • Participate in special promotions and contests
  • Order Event Kits to easily bring the learning back to your local community
  • Apply to attend the DEN Summer Institute

Just remember "STAR"

S — Share something you've learned about using Discovery Education resources with your colleagues
T — Teach your colleagues about this idea or strategy
A — Assist your colleagues as they implement this idea or strategy
R — Report what you've done

Become a STAR Discovery Educator. It's easy. Log into your Discovery Education account. From the MyDE page, click 'Community (DEN)' to learn more.

Host the DEN Ambassador Program at Your School or District

The DEN Ambassador Program is a learning experience designed to fully support teachers as they integrate digital media into their teaching practice. Discovery Education provides all of the materials needed to host three in-person professional learning and networking events for your colleagues, so you can grow your practice together.

Your Discovery Education team will provide you support as you lead a cadre in your school, district, or region. | Learn More

Serve on the Discovery Education Leadership Council

Members of the Discovery Education Leadership Council (LC) want to have an active role in shaping the future of Discovery Education. They do so in a variety of ways including blogging or sharing on social media sites, providing feedback, creating content, hosting events for area colleagues, and mentoring new members of the community.

Being part of the LC is a commitment, but it comes with perks! The LC benefits from deeper connections with other passionate education professionals who thrive on transforming learning. Open enrollment occurs each fall. | Learn More

Learn from DEN Gurus

DEN Gurus are STAR Discovery Educators who possess expertise in one or more pedagogical topics, have demonstrated their expertise through a variety of professional experiences, and advocate for the meaningful integration of Discovery Education digital content across their area(s) of expertise. They are regular contributors to the Discovery Education blog and present at Days of Discovery, the DEN Summer Institute, and Discovery Education's virtual conferences. | Learn More

Connect with Program Champions

Chosen through a competitive application process, Discovery Education Program Champions demonstrate their extraordinary commitment and expertise in specific topic areas – such as STEM, health and wellness, and social studies – and excellent use of Discovery Education’s programs. They share various resources and supporting programs with their colleagues and peers around the world.

Champions also represent Discovery Education at education events and virtual conferences, and help shape the development and implementation of future Discovery Education programs to ensure they are standards-and curriculum-aligned. | Learn More

Educator Stories

The Badiners from Michigan talk about their various paths to become educators and how they value their learning community.

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