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Moving Beyond Piqua City Walls into a World of Discovery

Ohio’s Piqua City Schools enroll 3,700 students who are all eager to explore the world around them. In order to meet the needs of their students, the leadership recognized that they should endeavor to make the district’s curriculum more interactive and engaging.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Piqua City Schools, OH

Watch this video and learn how district administrators utilized Discovery Education services to move beyond Piqua City walls and into a world of discovery.


Piqua identified two goals they wanted to address as they transformed their classrooms:
  • Effectively use community’s investment in school technology to enhance instruction
  • Engage students via content and instructional strategies that take them beyond the walls of the classroom


Piqua and Discovery Education agreed that in addition to inspiring content, they also needed to train the teachers to ensure effective use of digital instructional materials in the classroom:


  • Inspired students, curious about the world
  • Supportive and engaged community
  • District has become a thought leader in Ohio and around the country

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What People Are Saying

"We would lose the majority of our students if they weren't able to use technology."

Rick Hanes
Piqua City Schools