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Discovery Education Digital Leader Corps

Growing Leaders. Growing Capacity.

Digital Leader Corps is a system for professional learning and leadership employed to fuel an innovative change movement, which is intentionally designed to:
  • Drive system transformation
  • Build a culture of continuous improvement
  • Support a shared leadership model
  • Maximize teachers’ impact on student learning

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Program Overview

The following video describes the philosophy that underpins the Digital Leader Corps program. Watch it to get an understanding of how this program can help your educators become digital leaders and agents for change within your schools.


Develop and nurture teacher-leaders with ongoing professional learning. Integrate educational technology and digital media into instruction to accelerate the digital transition.

4+ teachers
per school
  • 5 professional development days
  • 10 coaching days
  • Ongoing virtual support
1 principal
per school
  • 3+ professional development days
  • Ongoing support

PLAN DO CHECK ACT Create a sustainable, more effective model for building capacity:
  • The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle is used to provide a continuous feedback loop and just-in-time support for teachers
  • Participants have many opportunities to grow their confidence and practice their skills before transferring them to their peers
  • Multiple measures are used to evaluate professional learning


Empower teacher-leaders to design successful teaching strategies and share with peers in a supportive, collaborative Learning Lab environment.
  • Learning Labs provide a safe place for teachers to build their confidence as they innovate, collaborate, practice, and model their skills
  • Leadership skills are intertwined within all professional learning opportunities
  • Reflection on practices with peers becomes regular through on-site planning, coaching, and support
  • Skills are transferred to peers

Lasting Impact

Grow a strong pedagogical practice, enhanced by a variety of tools and resources, that is transferred throughout the district. Ultimately, students will experience an engaging and dynamic student-centered learning environment that will allow them to:
  • Participate in dynamic learning opportunities as they engage with digital content, modern devices, and tools
  • Communicate, collaborate, and create to support a path to career and college readiness

What People Are Saying

"This program continues to give me more confidence in myself as a leader and role model for my school."

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Download and Share a Flyer

Download this resource to help you gain a better understanding of the Digital Leader Corps.

Digital Leader Corps
Overview Flyer

Spotlight on Wake County Public Schools, North Carolina

Overview of the District

Wake County Public Schools
As the largest school system in the state of North Carolina, Wake County Public School System serves 150,000 students across 169 schools. In order to effectively make a large-scale shift to the technology-based Common Core state standards, Wake County focused on equipping its teachers with the appropriate tools and training to integrate technology into their classrooms using Discovery Education's Digital Leader Corp initiative.


On the cusp of implementing Common Core state standards across the district, Wake County Public School System needed to determine the best way to scale professional development for its 11,000 teachers as it embarked on this digital journey.


In order to fully prepare Wake County Public School educators for this digital transformation, the district entered a three-year partnership with Discovery Education and implemented Digital Leader Corps, a customized system of professional learning that nurtures and develops teacher leaders who accelerate and scale a district's digital transition.


In the first year of partnership with Discovery Education, Wake County educators shared real examples of how their classrooms have transformed into digital learning environments as a result of the tools and strategies gained from Digital Leader Corps training; a shift that has not only increased student engagement, but has also impacted teacher engagement as well.
“We’ve been able to partner with Discovery Education to create unique situations that will support our needs the best.”

Beth Hodge, Director of Professional Learning
Wake County Public Schools, North Carolina