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Discovery Education in Action

Discovery Education in Action in a series of live events, webinars, and professional learning opportunities that lets you step into the classrooms of Discovery Education Community members from around globe. Learn how your peers are using Discovery Education in their classroom, hear how they solve problems, and experience Discovery Education through their eyes.

Look into Classrooms

Broadcasting Live From Educator's Classrooms

Our livestream feature lets you step into the classrooms of educators around the globe. Click Watch Again on the video below to watch our latest classroom experience. If the Watch Again is not showing, stay tuned for a live broadcast happening today. Each broadcast shows teachers and students in their classroom setting.

Want to feature your classroom?

We are looking for community members (i.e., YOU!) who are willing to open the doors to their classrooms (literally) to show what Discovery Education looks like in action in the classroom. If you are interested in showcasing the great work you are doing with students, express your interest by completing our form.

Hear Directly From Educators

Step into Educators' Classrooms

Step into classrooms across the country to hear practical tips and see strategies for integrating Discovery Education into your teaching. Listen, connect, and be inspired as Community members share ways they are transforming teaching and learning.

Whether you are an elementary, middle, or high school teacher, these short classroom visits provide new ideas and suggestions for integrating Discovery Education into your daily practice.
Latest Classroom Visits

Discovery Education Techbooks

Find out more about Discovery Education Techbook.

Discovery Education
Science Techbook

Inspiring the Scientist in Every Child

Science Techbook helps teachers transform their instruction with a simple-to-use, highly interactive program that integrates multimedia resources including video, audio, text, and interactives. Hands-on activities, virtual labs, and technology-enhanced formative assessment provide a rich and engaging learning experience for students. | Find out More

Discovery Education
Math Techbook

Problems Worth Solving

Math Techbook is a breakthrough digital textbook that will change the way students and teachers experience math. Using an inquiry-based approach, Math Techbook engages students with real world problems worth solving while supporting any device, anywhere, anytime in any secondary instructional setting. | Find out More

Discovery Education
Social Studies Techbook

Question the Past, Understand the Present

Social Studies Techbook is a core digital textbook that makes teaching and learning an unforgettable experience. Using an inquiry-based approach that enhances literacy and critical thinking skills, Social Studies Techbook engages students with current and relevant multimedia content. | Find out More