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Dean Shareski


Dean Shareski is the Community Manager for Discovery Education Canada. He taught grades first through eighth for 14 years and spent nine as a digital learning consultant for Prairie South School Division in Moose Jaw, SK. In addition he teaches pre-service teachers at the University of Regina. His blog consistently ranks among the top educational blogs. Dean also blogs for Tech Learning and the Huffington Post. In 2010 he won the ISTE Award for Outstanding Leader of the Year. Dean has had the opportunity to speak to a variety of education audiences both nationally and internationally. His passion remains helping teachers explore the affordances of technology for learning. Dean believes humor and humility go a long way in supporting and advocating transformational practices in teaching and learning.

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Keynote Sessions


When You're Not the Smartest Person in the Room

The moment you bring an Internet connection into the classroom, you open up your students to a vast world of knowledge and possibilities. Many teachers are beginning to realize this but are struggling to make it a reality. Let¹s explore together how the shape of knowledge is shifting and what we as teachers and leaders can do to model ways to leverage the best of what this new frontier can offer.

Whatever Happened to Joy?

In a data driven, achievement focused system, does joy in learning matter anymore? Not that these are mutually exclusive but in our attempts to see results we often forget that joy should not be a means to an end but a worthy and important goal on its own. So how do we insure our students experience joy and wonder everyday? Let’s examine some practical ways to be intentional and make our schools places of joy.

Concurrent Sessions


The Missing Link: Technology and Assessment

Assessment and technology are buzzwords and hot topics in our schools. Very few conversations are bringing these two ideas together. In reality, they are extremely compatible. This presentation will consider ways to provide better formative assessments utilizing free technologies as well as touch on some controversial topics such as grading.

Digital Citizenship and Identity Management

If you're not managing your online identity, who is? Whether or not you realize it, anything and everything you post and create online is indexed and stored. Understanding how to manage this is a critical step in teaching students about privacy and safety. This session will offer a new take on digital citizenship. We'll explore the myths around safety and look at leveraging tools to create positive online identities.

The Story of Pixels

As we shift from a text based learning experience to one that embraces digital and visual content, we need to develop a deeper sense of these new literacies from both a teacher and learner perspectives. Let¹s examine the ways in which we can utilize the vast resources and technologies we have access to and use them to create valuable learning opportunities for our students.

Sharing in a Disruptive World

The challenges of education today are vast and complex. No easy answers exist but the affordances of technology to easily share, distribute and connect with others offers an important step in making learning better. You'll leave inspired to share and learn how your work and ideas can impact in ways you can't even imagine.

Take a Picture: It Will Last Longer

Photography is no longer simply a high school elective. Photography and visual literacy is now as essential as reading and writing. Come to develop some ways to be a better photographer, explore essential tools and embed photography and imagery into your classroom. You and your camera are welcome.

Becoming Narrative Champion

As leaders, we're no longer allowed to stand back and wait for our story to be told. This session explores the means and ways that leaders can be narrative champions for their schools and colleagues and actively manifest their mission and values.

What People Are Saying

"I am a big fan of Dean’s presentations, all of which help to put Canada on the map for innovative approaches to education and learning."
Melanie McBride
"I wanted to let you know the kinds of comments I’ve received about Dean’s presentation to communicators in Yorkton on Friday. The words “phenomenol”, “awesome” and “superstar” came up — and one of those came from a fellow who’s usually quite “unimpressable”. If you believe actions speak louder than words, the Sask School Boards Assoc just set up a Facebook and Twitter page!"
Dawn Blaus
Prairie South Communications Coordinator

Types of Sessions He Delivers

  • Keynote/Featured Sessions
  • Concurrent Sessions

Topics He Covers

  • Content Creation
  • Media and Instruction
  • Social Media and the Web
  • Assessment
  • Professional Learning