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Discovery Education Techbook™...  The Future is Now
The Discovery Education Techbook™ digital textbook series provides unrivaled content that helps teachers transition to the exciting world of digital resources. Techbook™ ignites curiosity and enhances learning via a powerful, simple-to-use program that substantially lowers district costs and can be used across any device or platform. Designed to increase equity and create better learning opportunities for all, Techbook:

Students Use Laptop to Explore Techbooks Comprehensive Digital Program

Actively engages students to read, write and think critically.

Reaches all learning modalities through the integration of text, audio, video, images and digital investigations in an easy-to-navigate format.

Saves teachers time and supports the transition to digital with a simple to use, “all-in-one” teacher's edition, including detailed model lessons and activity guides.

Includes practical, on-going professional development with a customized plan to meet districts where they are in the digital transition


iPads Enhance Teachers Transition to the Realm of Digital Resource
Educators use Computers and Digital Technology to Improve Classroom Learning

Backed by Discovery Education, a proven partner in enhancing student achievement and making learning happen:

Every student. Every Device. Every day.

What I Can Do with a
Digital Textbook
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    "I think people are starting to realize it's a new day, that we need to up our game."

    Dr. Eugene White

    "The more we engage them, the more that we are preparing kids for the jobs down the road."

    Dr. Kamela Patton

    "They explain it in a way that you can connect with."


    "It appeals to the type of student that we have now which is a 21st century student because they are texting, they are on Facebook, they're digital, so we need to appeal to their learning style, as well.

    Angela Denman