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Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook™

Social Studies Techbook is built from the ground up to be a unique, web-based teaching and learning resource. Unlike other digital social studies programs that are converted from existing textbooks, Techbook™ takes full advantage of digital capabilities to offer multi-modal resources that transform teaching and learning. Powerful yet simple-to-use, Social Studies Techbook supports teachers as they transition to digital, while simultaneously helping them to meet Common Core State Standards. Real-time assessments also enhance a teacher’s ability to individualize instruction. 
From interactive maps to “enduring debates”, Social Studies Techbook links social studies to key historical resources, features activities that help students to think critically, and encourages students to develop arguments that are supported by evidence. 

The four-part program includes:

  • United States History I — Prehistory to 1877 and Reconstruction. Embrace history from multiple perspectives
  • United States History II —  Civil War to Present captures the imagination of middle school students with widely varying learning styles (available June, 2014)
  • World History — Prehistory to the 1800s and the European Enlightenment. Connect ancient and modern times
  • World Geography and Cultures — Examine the physical and human geography of regions in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Imagine the great geographic and cultural diversity in our world.

It gives the students ways to view the same topic, the same issue, and the same controversies. They also discover that history runs in cycles and the great writings of the past, can kind of relate to the issues of today. What we found that teachers really wanted to do this. They saw the ways to engage the students. They found that they could still teach to the standards.

– Dr. Gerald McLeish, Director of Secondary Curriculum and Programs
   Indianapolis Public Schools, Indiana

Introducing Global Wrap:
Engage Your Students with Current Events

Global Wrap, available exclusively through Discovery Education and part of the Social Studies Techbook digital textbook, presents a summary of the week���s most pressing global news through a partnership with trusted news leader MacNeil/Lehrer Productions. Sample an archived segment
of Global Wrap today and experience how it can spark conversation with your students.

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