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Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook™

Social Studies Techbook is a core digital textbook that makes teaching and learning an unforgettable experience. Using an inquiry-based approach that enhances literacy and critical thinking skills, Social Studies Techbook can be used on any device, anywhere, anytime in any instructional setting.

Question the Past. Understand the Present.

New Civics and Government Course

This newest Social Studies Techbook course for grades 6-8 provides an in-depth learning experience in government, civic life, and the economy of the United States. To learn more about this course, click here.

Access to All Social Studies Courses

Districts that license Social Studies Techbook for their students gain access across all of the Social Studies Techbook courses. The bundled series supports an integrated approach to your Social Studies curriculum and provides even more value for teachers and students.


  • World Geography and Cultures
  • World History
  • U.S. History I — Prehistory to Reconstruction
  • U.S. History II — Civil War to Present
  • U.S. History — Prehistory to The Progressive Era
  • U.S. History — Prehistory to Present
  • Civics and Government

Access Course Content Anywhere, Anytime

The new Social Studies Techbook iPad App is available at no cost through the iTunes App Store. Students can download content in class and access it anywhere, anytime even without internet access. Learn more at

Technology Enhanced Items

Students can now submit their answers online for all Social Studies Techbook courses, beginning with the Explanation activities under the Explain tab. As they complete the Technology Enhanced Items, students can see the evaluation criteria or rubric for the Explanation activity prior to submitting their work. Teachers can view the students? answers through their dashboard and score each section of the TEI by clicking on the rubric.

Introducing Global Wrap

Available exclusively through Discovery Education and part of the Social Studies Techbook, Global Wrap presents a summary of the week's most pressing global news through a partnership with trusted news leader MacNeil/Lehrer Productions.

Watch a sample archived segment >>

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Awards and Success Stories

The World of a Social Studies Teacher

Kris Martin had Social Studies textbooks that were 12 years old and wasn't sure when she would be getting new ones. While she had built up an impressive library of resources over her 28-year career as an 8th grade U.S. History teacher, Kris was still spending many hours looking for just the right activities, primary source documents, and videos and designing lessons that would support all of her students. When she saw the power of Social Studies Techbook, Kris jumped at the opportunity to use it in her classroom.


We are proud to announce that Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook has won a 2015 SIIA CODiE in the category of "Best Social Sciences or Social Studies Instructional Solution."

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What Teachers Are Saying

"The days when teachers get a textbook and 20 notebooks of ancillary materials to wade through are gone. With Techbook, everything I needed was right there on an iPad. Not only is it a great resource for veteran teachers, but I think new teachers will find it extremely beneficial, as well."

Kris Martin
8th Grade U.S. History teacher
Eanes ISD, TX
28 years in the classroom


What Educators Can Do with Social Studies Techbook

Watch Social Studies Techbook bring this middle school classroom to life:

Maximize their time to plan, prepare, and deliver high quality instruction

Teachers can access model lessons, primary and secondary source documents, interactive tools and activities, document-based investigations, and assessments all in one place at their fingertips.

Engage students with multimedia content that is current and relevant

The combination of videos, photographs, audio recordings, interactive maps, and variety of activities makes Social Studies more interesting and exciting to students. Social Studies Techbook is updated regularly and the Global Wrap feature includes weekly current events videos provided by MacNeil/Lehrer productions.

Strengthens literacy, critical thinking, and citizenship skills for all students

The inquiry-based format and interactive investigations emphasize informational text literacy, analytical writing, and problem solving skills that students will apply in academics and as citizens.

Differentiate instruction for 21st century learners

Students can use digital resources to help them process information from multiple sources. A variety of reading tools, including two different text levels, text-to-speech, and Spanish translations help students make meaning from the text. Formative and summative assessments are already built and ready for teachers and students to use.

What People Are Saying

"I believe in teaching through primary source documents and in this resource you'll be amazed at the number and variety of documents available without having to search multiple places for them. The document-based investigations and source analysis activities really take students to higher level thinking."

Davina Turner
8th grade U.S. History teacher
Albuquerque Public Schools, NM

"What you can do with maps is amazing. I can just click and overlay cities, bodies of water, climate zones, population, religions and other things. I can't do that with a regular textbook."

8th grade student
District of Columbia Public Schools

"I used iPads the last two days and walked kids through both the Social Studies Techbook and a competitor's online text. The students overwhelmingly favored Social Studies Techbook. They thought it gave more information, was easier to use, was more interactive, and had 'cooler' features like videos and Board Builder. My students love using technology and the flipped classroom concept."

Chris Layton
6th and 7th grade Social Studies teacher
Oak Ridge Schools, TN

Meet the Social Studies Team

Daniel Byerly

Social Studies Techbook

Dan taught high school Social Studies, including U.S. History and Geography, and later served as a middle school instructional coach. He was a K-12 Social Studies supervisor and preK-12 curriculum director in Washington, D.C.

His favorite feature:
Interactive Atlas

Kevin Jenkins

Content Specialist,
Social Studies Techbook

Kevin was a middle and high school Social Studies teacher. He was the content lead for the Maryland High School Assessment and served as a specialist at the Maryland State Department of Education.

His favorite feature:
Document-based Investigations