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Question the Past. Understand the Present.

What if we told you that your social studies curriculum could transcend the limitations of paper textbooks? What if you could get past just telling great stories—with incredible digital resources that are not only interactive and engaging, but carefully vetted and aligned to rigorous state standards? What if your students weren't just learning social studies, but really experiencing it?

We've put an end to these "what ifs" with Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook. Packed with award-winning digital content and powerful teacher resources, this core digital textbook is helping educators across the country move to digital and create meaningful learning experiences that truly resonate.

  • World Geography and Cultures
  • World History
  • U.S. History I — Preshistory to Reconstruction
  • U.S. History II — Civil War to Present
  • U.S. History — Prehistory to The Progressive Era
  • U.S. History I — Prehistory to Present
  • Civics and Government
What you can do with maps is amazing. I can just click and overlay cities, bodies of water, climate zones, populations, religions, and other things. I can’t do that with a regular textbook.
8th Grade Student
District of Columbia Public Schools

Key Features and Benefits

These relevant, reliable digital textbooks are a welcome addition to classrooms and school districts that value 21st-century learning skills.
School Library Journal Logo
2016 Review of Techbook

Give Social Studies Teachers the Tools to Achieve

Social studies teachers are tired; of late nights spent searching for high-quality content; of dated textbooks that seem to work better as pillows than actual learning tools; of not being able to meet the needs of every student. That's why Social Studies Techbook has become the primary resource in so many classrooms. Teachers are spending less time preparing, and more time actually teaching. They're able to differentiate instruction at the press of a button and assess student progress with ease.

If that isn't reason enough, then consider this: in The Ohio State University's 2016 SpotOn rankings, Social Studies Techbook had the highest average score among five publishers, and the highest average ratings in content, pedagogy, technology, and standards. And recent data from Rock Hill Schools (SC) showed 7th grade students with Social Studies Techbook outperformed peers on 2015 state tests by 16 scale score points!

For a deeper look at how Techbook supports social studies teachers, watch this quick video:

Social Studies Techbook was an absolute game changer for me and for my students.
Chris Layton
Middle School Teacher
Oak Ridge Schools, TN
Stories for Social Studies Educators

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Resources for Social Studies Educators

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