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Science Techbook™ for NGSS Digital Textbooks

Built to directly support the Next Generation Science Standards, Discovery Education Science Techbook is a breakthrough digital textbook that will change the way students and teachers experience science.

Discovery Education Science Techbook


Inspiring the Scientist in Every Student

Science Techbook helps teachers transition to the NGSS framework with a simple-to-use and highly interactive program. It integrates multimedia, including video, audio, text, and interactives, with hands-on activities and virtual labs that provide a rich and engaging learning experience for students. Embedded and technology-enhanced formative assessment opportunities are also provided. Science Techbook works on any device and can be implemented in a variety of instructional settings.

Support Three-Dimensional Learning

Science Techbook fully supports the instructional shifts required by the NGSS standards and embraces the philosophy of three-dimensional learning. In addition to content chosen to directly support the NGSS, our Model Lessons reflect the interplay of the Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs), Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI) and Cross-Cutting Concepts (CCC) and outline what these mean in practice for educators. With Science Techbook students will become immersed in the work of scientists and engineers, developing their own scientific explanations by:
  • exploring the overarching themes of science,
  • asking questions,
  • making claims,
  • supporting claims with evidence,
  • designing solutions to real-world problems,
  • developing the practices that scientists and engineers use daily, and
  • identifying the cross-cutting connections between science.

Support for Remediation and Acceleration Strategies

Science Techbook supports an integrated approach to science by bundling access* to courses within each series. Licensed students are able to access all content within the series, so teachers are able to personalize their instruction based on each students’ need and assign resources across grade bands or courses. This is a valuable benefit for those ready to move on and those who need additional support.

*bundled courses are not available in adoption states. Please contact us to see if your district qualifies.

Access course content anywhere, anytime

Our Science Techbook iPad app is available at no cost through the iTunes App Store. Students can download content in class and then access it at their convenience without Internet access. Find out more about our iPad app.
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Science Techbook for NGSS is Available in Two Series:

  • Elementary & Middle Grades
  • High School (includes, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth & Space Science)


Exclusively by Ward's Science

Introducing Discovery Education TechKits™

Built to directly support the labs embedded in every unit of the Elementary and Middle School Discovery Education Science Techbook™ for NGSS, Discovery Education TechKits by Ward’s Science provide the hands-on materials for investigation and discovery guided by the digital textbook lessons – all in ready-to-teach kits.

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Supporting Literacy and Math through Science Practice

Whether your state is following the Common Core or its own standards, developing the skills to communicate scientific understanding effectively is a key part of Science Techbook. The level of text complexity in Science Techbook engages students at the appropriate reading level to support their learning, while the associated activities ensure that students’ are able to communicate their understanding and conclusions, both verbally and written. Activities such as determining the central idea or conclusion of a text, precisely following procedures, determining the meaning of technical words, writing summaries of technical texts, and translating technical information expressed as words in a visual form are activities at the heart of Science Techbook.

Additionally, the interplay between math and science means that students will continue to deepen mathematical understanding acquired as part of their math curriculum through statistical analysis, interpretation of visual data and procedural fluency while practicing their mathematical skills within real world contexts.

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What People are Saying

"We are so glad we found Discovery Education Techbook. They offer the students the chance to dig deeper and explore the content that grabs their attention. The incorporation of technology with informational text and content is amazing. We are anticipating higher levels of engagement, greater depth of knowledge, and inspiring a love of science learning in our students."

Patricia Davis
Director, Monarch Learning Center
Redding, CA

What Can You Do with Science Techbook?

Maximize your time to plan, prepare, and deliver high-quality NGSS-based instruction

Teachers can access NGSS specific model lessons, videos, interactive tools and activities, hands-on lab activities, a scientific glossary, and formative and summative assessments, all in one place.

Engage your students with current and relevant multimedia content

Real world content is integrated across all concepts to bring science alive for students, a combination of videos, photographs, audio recordings, and more. Science Techbook also includes Global Wrap, a weekly current events service where students experience the application and relevance of science and engineering in their daily lives.

Strengthen critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills for all students

Discovery Education’s application of the 5E instructional model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate) is what makes Science Techbook unique. Using an inquiry-based format along with the interactive investigations, Science Techbook balances critical thinking and problem solving with disciplinary literacy and analytical writing, skills that students need as they progress through their science courses, general education and beyond.

Differentiate instruction for 21st century learners

The Core Interactive Text feature blends text and media for students of different abilities and learning styles. Students can have text read aloud, highlight text, or add sticky notes. Text can also be modified for different reading levels, viewed in Spanish and French, or printed as necessary.

Put students in control of their own learning

Our most popular student-centric feature, Board Builder, promotes independent learning by challenging students to be content producers. With Board Builder, students create virtual "posters" using multimedia and text to synthesize their thinking and provide evidence of their understanding of a concept or problem. Boards can be shared with the teacher, classmates, parents, and even with classrooms across the country.

Science Techbook iPad Hold

What Educators are Saying

"Discovery Education sets the bar very high. I have been teaching a hands-on, activity based science curriculum for nineteen years. The Discovery Education Science Techbook has combined concept, content, interactivity and digital. In my opinion, it is the best curriculum package available. I consider it is the missing link. Combine all that with fantastic professional development and customer service and Discovery Education is the whole package."

Julie Gavin
Lead Middle School Science Teacher
School Town of Munster, IN

Meet the Science Team

Matthew Cwalina, Senior Director Digital Instruction Development

Matthew has over 17 years educational experience, serving as a middle school teacher, high school teacher, K-12 lead teacher, and Director of Curriculum and Instruction. He was also a member of the Critical Stakeholder Review Team for the Next Generation Science Standards.

Amy Gensemer, Director of Science Instruction

Amy has 16 years of educational experience in Science, Technology, and Engineering as a high school classroom teacher, department chair, district curriculum specialist and most recently supervisor for Science, Technology, and Engineering for the largest school system in Maryland. Prior to her supervisor position, she designed and delivered Professional development at that national level and has authored national STEM curriculum products.

Nikki Snyder, Content Specialist, K-12 Science Instruction

Nikki has over 12 years of experience in science education as a middle school and high school science classroom teacher, district curriculum writer, and professional development trainer in the largest school system in Maryland. In addition, she worked at the American Association for the Advancement of Science on their after-school standards-based science program, Kinetic City: Mission to Vearth. She holds a master’s degree in Chemical and Life Sciences.

David Marsland, Content Specialist, K-12 Science

David has 38 years of experience in science education as a 6-12 classroom teacher, department chair, district science advisor, curriculum specialist, and teacher trainer. He taught both students and teachers in the United Kingdom and Africa before becoming a Curriculum Developer and later a Director of Science Teacher Professional Development at the Smithsonian Institution.