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Celebrating 20 Years in EdTech

Happy anniversary to us! 20 amazing years of supporting educators and students and we’ve never stopped innovating. To celebrate, we’re taking it back to 2001 where it all started as United Streaming. From VHS deliveries to pioneering digital content and Techbooks to connecting educators across the globe—we’ve been with teachers every. step. of. the. way.

2021 was more than just an anniversary, too.

It marked a new chapter in our unwavering support for teachers and laser focus on student engagement, no matter how many detours we all had to take.

The result?
An enhanced K-12 learning platform that educators can rely on for timely, relevant content + useful tools and resources to engage students, track progress, and gain professional inspiration every day.

The Next Chapter.

We’re super excited to share even more enhancements for 2022 that empower teachers to design and deliver immersive learning experiences, all while saving time and effort.
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DE Originals

In addition to vetting the best educational content out there, we also produce our own with DE Originals! This new collection of kid-approved, standards-aligned videos ignites curiosity, breaks down complex topics, and lets students see themselves in the story.


Part of the new DE Originals, DEmystified is a collection of phenomena-based, super fun videos that engage your students in science topics and concepts while demystifying the wonders of our world.
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Ready-to-Use Resources

Over 2,000 ready-to-use activities are available to help teachers save time planning. And, we’ve grouped many of these into monthly calendars for K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 to give teachers timely, turnkey options every day of the school week! We’ve also added new collections of rich media like PhET Interactive Simulations that support science and math instruction in a game-like environment.

Augmented Reality

What we’re most excited about is the latest tech innovation coming to classrooms: Augmented Reality! This gives students amazing opportunities to create, design, and explore immersive AR experiences to demonstrate their learning. With new AR apps for iPad, including the free Sandbox AR app, we’re breathing new life into student engagement!
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Join us for the next chapter in the DE story!

Whether you’ve been along for the ride since 2001 or are new to the DE family, we invite you to join us on our mission to prepare learners for tomorrow by creating innovative classrooms connected to today’s world.