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Explore Cutting-Edge Careers and Technology

With Amazon and Discovery Education’s Careers Tours, students are inspired to pursue careers of the future.

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Amazon Career Tours

Career Tours are free, interactive resources aligned to learning standards that teachers can share with their students to inspire them to explore careers of the future by showcasing the real-life people and cutting-edge technology behind Amazon’s innovations. Teachers can show their students inside an Amazon Robotic Fulfillment Center to discover how computer science helps deliver customer orders, head aboard NASA’s Orion spacecraft to learn how Alexa went to the moon, or enter an AWS Data Center to uncover “the cloud”. 

 Endless Learning Possibilities

 Amazon Career Tours are designed for K – 12 students and feature comprehensive educator resources and Ready-to-Use Activities (RTU).

Callisto: Space Innovation Tour
Educators can help students explore NASA’s Orion spacecraft used in the Artemis I test flight and learn about the many careers necessary to advance the space program.

Robotics Fulfillment Center Tour
Educators can take students on a virtual tour of the Amazon Fulfillment Center and discover how humans and robots are working together to ensure that the products purchased online reach their final destinations.

AWS Data Tour – Uncovering Cloud Computing
Students can explore an AWS data center to learn how the cloud is built, maintained, and connected to billions of devices and people every single day.

AWS Data Tour – Keeping Data Safe
Students have the opportunity to learn from cybersecurity experts, engineers, and other STEM experts to discover how data keeps people and the planet safe.

“At Amazon, we utilize the power of scale and innovation to inspire and prepare young people for the careers of the future. Showing students today what they can become tomorrow can transform their lives and our world.”

 Seamless Classroom Connections

Amazon Career Tours are also designed with educators in mind. Educator guides include background information, activities, and check-ins to make it easier for teachers to incorporate the content into any lesson plan or learning environment.

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About the Partnership

Amazon Future Engineer

Amazon Future Engineer

Amazon believes in the transformative power of education and invest in programs to help students unlock their potential and create the next generation of innovators. Amazon Future Engineer is a global childhood-to-career computer science program that harnesses Amazon’s scale and innovative spirit to inspire and prepare young people for the careers of the future through computer science.

Discovery Education

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Discovery Education brings subject matter expertise and innovative learning experiences into the classroom through collaborations with industry-leading companies and organizations. Our partnerships close learning and access gaps by addressing relevant topics impacting today’s classrooms, communities, and the workforce, allowing students to make connections that help them thrive in any environment.

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