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Cultivate Brighter Futures with DreamBox Learning​

As a Discovery Education Experience partner, you’ve been providing your students and educators with over 300,000 high-quality, award-winning, exclusive PreK-12 resources that are proven to drive student outcomes across all subject areas.

With the addition of DreamBox Math and DreamBox Reading by Discovery Education, you now have the opportunity to implement evidence-based, flexible, adaptive math and reading programs, without taking extra time, all with one partner.

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Unlike other math software programs, DreamBox Math doesn’t just draw questions from an item bank. It creates an adaptive learning experience that students enjoy, with math lessons that invite them to “think and do” rather than “sit and get,” and is proven to be effective for all students in grades K-8 – whether they need intervention, remediation, or enrichment.

  • Intelligent adaptivity designed to differentiate and build conceptual understanding.
  • Daily updated Growth and Standards Proficiency reports provide actionable insight when it’s needed.
  • Lesson recommendations help scale the reach of your teaching staff.
  • Aligns to state and national standards, core curriculum titles, and RIT and Quartile scores.

From phonics and phonemic awareness to silent reading fluency and comprehension, DreamBox Reading provides adaptive instruction and personalized intervention to motivate and help students in every grade get the right instruction at the right time, to develop into proficient readers.

Unlike other supplemental reading programs, DreamBox Reading is:

  • Designed to differentiate and personalize learning based on student play, progress, and productive struggle.
  • Developmentally appropriate with just-in-time scaffolding, support, and feedback.
  • The only solution to diagnose and address silent reading fluency and motivation for all 3 tiers.

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