Science Textbooks for California Standards

Inspire students to investigate the marvels of science with every adventure in Science Techbook. Ignite natural curiosity with each captivating learning experience and leverage what kids love to activate their inner explorer, build their science and engineering practices and navigate life successfully.

With California Science Techbook, it’s more than what you learn,
it’s how you learn it.

Science Techbook in Action | Val Verde Unified Schools, CA

Find out how educators in the Val Verde Unified School District (CA) are using Science Techbook to empower teachers and students and streamline their transition to California NGSS.

Dynamic Resource Collection

Science Techbook includes interactive digital resources, print editions and hands-on kits for California classrooms. From NGSS model lessons and embedded CAST-aligned assessments to interactive models, exciting multimedia and over 1800 accompanying hands-on labs and activities, Science Techbook packages everything students want and
teachers need in one dynamic resource collection.

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NGSS Courses

Available in English & Spanish

Elementary Science (TK-6) | Integrated Science (6-8)
High School Science (3 and 4 course models available)

California Designed

Built from the ground up for the Golden State, students can connect learning to their everyday lives with California specific topics and content. Teachers can more easily prepare their students for success with content and performance-based assessments that purposefully align to CAST.


Anchor and investigative phenomena are used as catalysts for student-activated investigation, and brought to life with dynamic multimedia, triggering students’ natural sense of curiosity.


3 Dimensional

Teachers are provided with model lessons and embedded Teacher Notes to ensure all three dimensions of learning are addressed. Students will utilize scientific practices, identify crosscutting connections and demonstrate an understanding of science through the application of critical thinking and disciplinary literacy skills.


Certified by the Global STEM Alliance, this resource collection builds context and drives understanding of science concepts, providing students with opportunities to produce creative solutions to real-world problems and make relevant career connections.


Student Equity

Flexible interactive resources and multimedia features support students of different abilities and learning styles. With adjustable reading levels, Spanish/English options, read aloud tools, highlighting and note taking features and an interactive glossary, students will understand scientific language while building key literacy skills. Teachers can accelerate or remediate instruction by utilizing embedded differentiation tools.

Teacher Success

Educators can explore and grow their practice through relevant in person, virtual and on-demand professional learning opportunities all at their convenience and comfort level. Embedded instructional planning resources support teachers with what they need, when they need it. As a member of the DEN community, one of the most thriving professional learning networks in the world, educators can ask questions, share ideas, collaborate and participate in valuable events and experiences.