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Social Studies Textbooks for California Standards

Bring historical events and social studies concepts to life with this comprehensive, standards-aligned, core resource that enhances students’ critical thinking and literacy skills through inquiry.

With Social Studies Techbook, it’s more than what you learn,
it’s how you learn it.

Social Studies Techbook in Action | Oak Ridge, TN

Access Social Studies Techbook,
Anywhere, Anytime.

The streamlined, responsive design of Social Studies Techbook provides a consistent experience, accessible from any device, in any instructional setting.


Print Companions

Print resources are available to complement Social Studies Techbook. The Core Text Companion provides essential readings in a hard-bound format; and the Interactive Student Resource is a consumable supplement that includes graphic organizers, focus questions, and content review.

Available Courses

Grade 6: Ancient World History | Grade 7: Medieval & Early Modern World History | Grade 8: United States History

Inquiry-based Instruction

Core content is paired with compelling, thought-provoking essential questions, primary source analysis, and project-based tasks to develop essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Techbook includes thousands of carefully curated primary and secondary sources, coupled with focused analysis activities to deepen learning.


Immersive Experiences

Students don’t just learn about social science, they experience it through project-based learning, inquiry, and civic engagement.


Authentic Multicultural Learning

Historical events are presented without bias. Multiple perspectives are authentically infused into a seamless narrative.


Culturally-Responsive Instruction

Techbook cultivates collaboration, relevancy, and an empathetic learning environment

Accessible Content for all Students

In a single click, students have access to two different lexile levels of core content.

Support for Multiple Languages

An authentic Spanish translation is provided for all content. Also featuring 180 additional languages through Google Translate.