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Virtual Field Trips

No permission slips required! These virtual events let educators take
students to amazing places and give them remarkable experiences,
without ever leaving the classroom.

Featured and Upcoming Virtual Field Trips

Join us for our Virtual Field Trips or watch them on-demand after their premieres. Each no-cost Virtual Field Trip comes with a companion guide packed with standards-aligned, hands-on learning activities! Select one of the options below to register.

On-Demand Virtual Field Trips

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de card nba vft 2024
Take your classroom behind the scenes of professional...
Verizon VFT RegForm
Transport students to the possibilities of the immersive...
lego pbi vft 700x500
See how polar bears learn through play – just like...
Honda VFT Thumbnail 700x500
Take students behind the scenes of the automotive industry...
DEA OpPrevention VFT Thumbnail
Communities across the United States are being impacted...
Celebrate the power that every student has to resist...
Changemakers VFT PR Image
A spark of creativity is all it takes for hearts and...
Give students the ultimate backstage pass to the longest-running...
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