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DEN Ambassador Program Leaders

Take the lead in this exciting professional learning program.

The DEN Ambassador Program is a comprehensive professional learning experience that builds capacity, community, and instructional leadership among educators as they dive deeper into Discovery Education. Whether new to teaching or seasoned vets, participants will explore resources that they can use in their classrooms now, learn practical strategies for integrating digital media into their online and in-class teaching practices, and then directly connect and share their experiences with their fellow educators.

Lead the Ambassador Program at Your School or District

If you’re looking to learn more about Discovery Education, the latest instructional strategies, build your leadership skills, and connect with other educators in your school or district, consider taking the lead with the DEN Ambassador Program. Discovery Education supports Ambassadors every step of the way as they lead fellow educators in the integration of digital media and technology.

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Any group of educators interested in learning how to integrate digital media more effectively.

When you host your own cohort, groups can vary in size and may span a school, district, or local region. DEN Ambassador leaders are supported every step of the way as they guide fellow educators through a combination of in-person and virtual program content. When you join the online cohort, you will connect with teachers across North America to learn best practices within Discovery Education.


DEN Ambassador leaders meet with participants three times in-person or virtually for learning experiences focused on strategies and resources for effective digital integration in the classroom. Between those sessions, participants connect with other DEN Ambassador educators in the DEN online community, complete instructional challenges, and share with school- or grade-level colleagues.


Ongoing spring and fall cohort sessions. Fall 2021 registration is now open!


Right where you are! Cohorts can meet anywhere—online or at their school sites or even district offices.


Learn, share, connect, celebrate, and reflect in order to build skills, confidence, and better serve our students.


  • Gain a deeper understanding of Discovery Education resources, events, and learning opportunities
  • Learn instructional strategies for integrating digital resources in and out of the classroom
  • Connect to a global community of growth-minded educators


  • Maximize their investment in Discovery Education services
  • Build instructional leadership and capacity by developing cohorts of Discovery Education champions
  • Receive free professional learning opportunities focused on digital integration

Interested in joining the virtual cohort led by Discovery Education?

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