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Helping Students Find Their Voice

Students who receive input about their learning will reward you with engagement.

For almost all students, their favorite classes are those in which they feel empowered in their learning. When I was in school, I know that when my teachers provided options, valued my opinion, and shifted the responsibilities of learning to me, my level of engagement increased dramatically.

Now I’m a middle school math teacher with my own room full of students, and I believe wholeheartedly in the importance of fostering student voice in my classroom. Especially during a time when so many of us feel like we don’t have as much control over our specific learning environment and what’s going on outside of the classroom walls.

One of my goals as a math teacher is to help my students see themselves, their ideas, and their thoughts reflected in the required curriculum. Student voice does not mean student takeover. To the contrary, the idea of students having a voice in what they learn, when they learn it, and how they learn it leads to collaborative opportunities to increase engagement and facilitate deeper student learning.

Even though my classroom is primarily built on structures that foster independence, it’s still a shift for me to scale back my own responsibility for student learning as their teacher and place it more with them as the learners. While I don’t have any hard and fast rules, there are some guidelines that I follow to help ensure that student voice is at the forefront of my instructional decisions.

Create Classroom Norms Together

Norms and rules are not the same things. Rules help to establish the practices and procedures that allow tasks to be completed in classrooms. Norms provide teachers and students with agreements about how best to support one another and learn from one another. They also help create a positive classroom culture for learning.

As I began to infuse student ideas and suggestions into our class expectations, I saw the value in co-creating these norms rather than creating them independently of my students.

Collaborating has helped me better understand what my students value and what is important to them. During the creation of our class norms, it was apparent that students appreciate the chance to give their opinions and thrive on the opportunity to hear what their peers think as well. These norms continue to provide structure for our class, and we review them periodically. We also adjust them when needed to better meet the changing nature of our classroom.

To this end, our classroom culture depends on the students’ accountability to uphold the norms that we create together. When students interact with each other during collaborative problem solving, it’s understood that each student is responsible for contributing to the discussions during the group work. Consequently, my students understand that every voice in the group is important and will be valued.

I do get students who, from time to time, deviate from the norm. But because I’ve established with my students the expected behaviors, they are quick to reset the conversation and get back to the business at hand.

Norms Don’t Need to Be Elaborate

I’ve found that establishing expectations for how students treat one another in class provides them with the opportunity to see and hear their voice reflected in our classroom practices. When I establish norms with my students, we focus on what language is and isn’t acceptable during classroom collaboration and the responsibility that each student has in contributing to their own learning and the learning of others. For example, my students understand that they are expected to advocate for themselves and ask questions accordingly. Their questions help me differentiate my instruction and enable me to reflect on my practices to better meet their needs. I expect my students to communicate with me and with one another, especially when things get challenging.

It’s also equally important that students learn to trust me and to trust their classmates. Our norms reflect my students’ deep desire to learn from one another and their willingness to take responsibility for their own learning.

Rules might govern student procedures in my classroom, but norms help to facilitate a classroom culture conducive to student responsibility and student learning.

Find ready-to-use professional learning resources and time-saving teaching strategies in our Educator Supports Channel!

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Foster Feedback and Flexibility

Perhaps no other educator tool has the potential to elicit change and facilitate student responsibility more than feedback between teacher and student and between the students themselves. In our classroom, feedback is given carefully and always through the lens of improvement. We focus on what students are doing well and address specific steps students can take to continue to improve.

If there is a specific goal a student is working toward, students feel comfortable enough to ask for suggestions from their peers to help them reach that goal. Feedback becomes the structure through which students become more involved in their own learning and the learning of others.

In my classroom, it is not uncommon to hear students reflecting on the lesson and sharing their thoughts about the curriculum, objective, and math concepts learned. We talk about the culture in class that must be present for my students to grasp challenging concepts. Recently, when my students were working together to defend the strategies that they used to solve a problem, several students thought it would be best if the groups were smaller than the 28 students in our classroom. Their theory was that the smaller groups would let each student ask questions about the strategies that were shared and not be rushed to hear everyone’s strategies. This was another example of the way in which my students began to take more ownership for their learning.

We tried it, and they were right. The smaller groups did help to facilitate better discussion and more engaged student-to-student conversations. The feedback I shared with them about the difference that this small shift made for student learning allowed students to feel comfortable making suggestions at other times as well.

Embrace Student Voice to Drive Engagement

I knew that I was on the right path when students began showing up in my classroom during lunchtime looking for extra support. But their true motives were revealed to me when they began to talk about why they liked our math class, how they felt important and believed that I genuinely cared about them. I noticed the shift to “our math class around the same time I noticed an increase in lunchtime visitors. My students were deeply involved in their own learning. They knew their voice not only mattered but was truly valued. In turn, my connection with students has never been better.

Student voice and student engagement are not, however, synonymous. While the first can lead to the latter, it’s rarely a straight path. To fully embrace the idea of student voice, teachers must be willing to do the work to ensure its continued existence in their classroom.

As I learn more about how to integrate student voice into my instructional practices, I continue to seek out additional resources and ideas, such as those found in Discovery Education’s Educator Supports or SOS Instructional Strategies Channel.

Improve the Classroom Experience with Their Voice

The small things that I did over the years to establish a culture of student voice continue to pay dividends for my students and for me. I’ve continued to refine my practices to include student-developed assessments, choice seating, and more personalized approaches to student learning. I truly hope that by working collaboratively with my students, I am helping to provide them with opportunities to own their learning and grow socially and emotionally—in my classroom and beyond.

Written by Kelly Collins-McCarthy, a middle school teacher based in Maryland

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August 2021 Partner Spotlight

Each month we take time to showcase a few of the amazing partners that we work with to develop the high-quality content your students want and need. Take a moment to help us celebrate these partnerships, check out some of their new resources, and learn more about the incredible things they do!

And don’t forget to check out more content in our This Month at DE: August article.

3M Science at Home

Cultivate curiosity with new videos from 3M Science at Home! Perfect for kickstarting student interest in science this school year, this series features fun, hands-on experiments using common, easy-to-find items.

Check out the latest additions: Bubble Snake and Elephant Toothpaste.

Child Mind Institute

Teach students key skills and values with resources from the Child Mind Institute, a children’s mental health nonprofit dedicated to stamping out stigma around mental illness and learning differences. Browse the channel and explore Getting Better Together, their new series that features personal testimonials from celebrities and kids to fight shame and stigma and cope with mental health challenges.

Inner Explorer

Introduce students to this mindfulness-based stress reduction program through a series of audio-guided meditation practices for all grade levels, PreK-12. These short, daily exercises focus on key areas of development and feature practical breathing and relaxation techniques proven to heighten awareness of senses, regulate thoughts and emotions, and develop compassion and connection.

See the full collection today.

Get ready for back-to-school season with timely content, tools, and events! View the latest updates and featured content in our This Month at DE Studio Board.

Go There Now Request a Demo

NewsHour Productions

Find engaging, carefully selected segments aligned to middle and high school curriculum with this non-profit subsidiary of WETA in Washington, DC. Each video takes a straightforward, informative approach to a variety of current events topics, including global health, energy and the environment, and business and the economy.

Learn more with this month’s additions to this compelling collection:

N*GEN, Peripheral Vision International

Peripheral Vision International is an award-winning media organization that uses media, technology, and popular culture to catalyze social change. N*GEN, their science television program aids this mission by promoting curiosity and discovery, modelling holistic learning and development, and fostering positive gender norms.

Explore 13 new N*GEN videos and share with your students!

We hope you and your students enjoy these new learning resources and be sure to join us here next month for more partner highlights.

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This Month at DE: August

It’s a new year and we’re ready for a new beginning! Start fresh this school year with August resources that showcase new partners like Peripheral Vision/N*GEN, and new content from some of our long-time favorites like Child Mind Institute. From weather and wildlife to new professional learning and interactives, find what you need to support your back-to-school transition and prep for an amazing school year.

Air Jaws: Going for Gold

Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Excite students right away with brand-new 2021 Shark Week content! Share this video to see how high a great white can fly. Meet Rocket, the juvenile white shark and current record holder who was discovered in last year’s Air Jaws Breach Off, and see if he can beat his epic 15-foot jump—or if another shark will swipe his title.

Learn More

Anti-Bias Lessons Help Preschoolers Hold Up a Mirror to Diversity

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Demonstrate the importance of diversity with this new video from NewsHour Productions. This segment introduces the anti-bias programs that educators like Cindy Acker, founder of The Child Unique Montessori, have developed. See the importance of anti-bias education at preschools as children begin to recognize differences.

Learn More

Back to School Channel

All Grade Levels

Welcome students back to the classroom with immersive new assets in our refreshed Back to School Channel. Explore resources that help students of all ages adjust to school and gain perspective of various student experiences around the world.

Learn More

DE Staff Picks Channel

For Educators

Search our revamped DE Staff Picks Channel to find content chosen by real Discovery Education team members. Get a peek inside the minds of DE by browsing favorite professional learning resources, hand-picked strategies and fun, must-see videos.

Learn More

Make the most of August with timely content, tools, and events! View the latest updates and featured content in our This Month at DE Studio Board.

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Dramatically Change the World Grab & Go

Grades 6-8

Amp up activism this August with this ready-to-use lesson from Ignite My Future. Students will collaborate as members of a theater company planning a production focused on activism and current social issues. Groups will use computational thinking strategies and creativity to see how theatre and drama can impact school activism and local change.

Learn More

Educator Supports Center

For Educators

We have a NEW Educator Supports section! This collection replaces the Professional Learning Center and covers everything from getting started to hot topics to helping leaders maximize DE for their schools. Access it from your DE homepage and find a wealth of professional learning resources, real examples of DE in action, and much more.

Learn More

Elephant Toothpaste

Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8

Jumpstart student interest in science with this new video from 3M Science at Home. Join Camille Schrier, a scientist who was also crowned Miss America 2020, as she shows students how to many a chemical reaction so big it’s fit for elephants!

Learn More

Getting Better Together: Eva, Alex, and Nancy

Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Find engaging social-emotional learning (SEL) support with Getting Better Together, a new series from Child Mind Institute. Get started with the video of Eva, Alex, and Nancy, three fourth graders from New York who explain how they maintained their mental health during the pandemic and bring up the value of personal time.

Learn More

Interactive Courses

For Educators

Take advantage of updated interactive courses that help you navigate our newly updated platform and maximize all of the game-changing enhancements. Take the “What’s New with Discovery Education?” course to get ready for this school year, and find the full catalog in the Getting Started tab of the new Educator Supports collection.

Learn More

Introduction to Start with the Heart (SWTH)

Grades K-2, 3-5

Encourage students to “start with the heart” this school year with this audio clip from Inner Explorer. Hear how the heart is a big muscle that sends messages to the brain before guiding students to practice filling their hearts with loving feelings and sending them to someone else.

Learn More

N*GEN: Bees

Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8

Peripheral Vision International is an award-winning media organization that uses media, technology, and popular culture to catalyze social change. N*GEN, their science television program aids this mission by promoting curiosity and discovery, modelling holistic learning and development, and fostering positive gender norms. In this episode, learn all about bees’ anatomies, communication methods, and colony lifestyles, as well as how scientists are using bees to develop technology.

Learn More

Social-Emotional Learning: Welcoming New Friends

Grades 3-5

Use this ready-to-use health activity to help younger students learn about the importance of making new friends and showing kindness to kids who may be new to their school or community.

Learn More

Enjoy these new resources and be sure to join us here next month as we dive into our September theme: Student Voices!

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SOS Top 10: Summer Professional Learning

At the height of summer, we hope you’re taking thte time to rest, relax, and recover from last school year. Even so, many of you are likely already prepping for what’s to come and planning professional learning to get ready for the fall.

Whether you’re helping coordinate PL sessions or simply an enthusiastic participant, we’ve picked 10 of our favorite SOS Instructional Strategies will give a fresh take on professional learning. Use these to maximize your summer learning, encourage active participation, and make valuable connections with your fellow educators.

Break the Ice

Tabletop Texting

Educator Robyn Carden suggests Tabletop Texting to give each attendee a voice and avoid the issue of everyone talking all at once.

Watch Now

Three Truths… One Lie

DEN STAR Educators Tom Clowes and Sheila Fredericks recommend using Three Truths… One Lie as a fun and easy icebreaker for participants to introduce themselves or for the facilitator to introduce a topic related to the session’s focus.

Watch Now

Four Corners

Four Corners is another great way to help participants share with each other while exploring different viewpoints of a discussion topic.

See it Now

Check out educator-facing videos and downloadable PDFs for each strategy in our SOS Top Ten: Professional Learning Studio Board!

Go There Now Request a Demo

Summarize Key Ideas & Details


A favorite among many of our users, Emy Aultman suggests using AEIOU as an exit ticket that summarizes key ideas and details from the professional learning session.

Watch Now

ABC Summary

Science teacher Curt Witthoff uses ABC Summary as a collective summarization of professional learning or staff day sessions. For this strategy, you can collect A-Z responses with traditional paper-and-pencil submissions or in a digital format, then share the outcome as a collaborative summary.

Watch Now

Sticky Back

Instructional Technology Coordinator Lindsay Foster uses Sticky Back to increase engagement and give everyone an opportunity to summarize key takeaways and share. She also suggests using this as a management strategy, with a variety of colored sticky notes allowing participants to respond to multiple question prompts.

See it Now

Analyze & Synthesize Information

Six Word Story

DEN STAR Dana Johnston recommends using Six Word Story to gauge where teachers are in their learning. Responses that indicate teachers are overwhelmed might mean it’s time for a break, while indications of confusion might mean it’s time to revisit and clarify material that’s already been presented.

Watch Now


A favorite in Discovery Education PL sessions, Placemat helps ensure all participants have equal voice and accountability for participation when summarizing a concept.

Watch Now

3-2-1 Pyramid

Another popular strategy, 3-2-1 Pyramid gives participants an excellent way to wrap up a professional learning session. Ask teachers to synthesize their experience by listing three things they learned, two people they will share those things with when they return to school, and one thing they will commit to using in their classrooms in the coming weeks.

See it Now

Connect the Dots

The last of our Top Ten list, check out this strategy recommended by K-5 educator Francie Snyder. She suggests using Connect the Dots to encourage deeper thinking and more in-depth responses to session topics.

See it Now

We hope you’ll use these exercises to enhance your summer and back-to-school professional learning. Find more to use throughout the year in our SOS Instructional Strategies Channel, and check back soon for more tips and tricks from Discovery Education!

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Buckle Up & Enjoy! Introducing the New Discovery Education

Are you ready?! We’ve been working hard to bring you a whole new experience for back-to-school season and beyond.

Discovery Education has long been known for its expansive treasury of high-quality content and instructional resources that span all grades, subjects, and critical topics of today. Now, we’re building on that reputation and evolving to bring you so much more inside one daily learning platform.

Just in time for the 2021-22 school year, we’ve added a host of new, time-saving features and resources to our K-12 learning platform to better support teaching, creating, and professional growth for our educators. As of July 12, you can find enhancements like:

A Completely Redesigned Video Player

Our new Video Player not only matches the platform’s lighter, redesigned look and feel, but it also makes it easy for teachers to incorporate rich media into the learning experiences they design and deliver every day. From the new Video Player page, you can:

  • Build interactive video quizzes or slideshow activities in a few simple steps.
  • Assign videos directly to students and add context and instructions.
  • Reach all learners with embedded language and accessibility supports.
  • Find supporting resources and content like images, interactives, reading passages, and podcasts.

Tons of Ready-to-Use Activities to Save Time & Engage All Learners

Hundreds of ready-to-use activities fuse our high-quality content with the best of our SOS Instructional Strategies to give you that magic formula for constructive, engaging lessons. Use these activities for quick, turnkey assignments or customize them in Studio to fit the needs of your students and your classroom.

Access a Selection of These Activities Free for K-8

Get to know all of these exciting new features by logging in and taking our What’s New with DE? interactive course!

Go There Now Learn More

Improved Studio Features to Help Teachers & Students Create & Collaborate

Studio serves as an educator’s creative outlet to design new activities and present them in engaging ways. With Studio, educators can:

  • Jumpstart lesson planning with new Activity Templates based on our research-based SOS Instructional Strategies.
  • Give students the opportunity to share their knowledge in creative ways that build on their unique strengths.
  • Collaborate with students in real time within a safe and secure environment, no matter where learning is taking place.

New, Interactive Quiz for Better, More Effective Assessment

Our new Quiz provides multiple ways for teachers to promote active learning in the classroom and track student progress in real time. Various Quiz types include:

  • Ask Live Quiz mode, helping you spark classroom discussions by asking students questions live in class or through virtual meeting formats.
  • Standard Quiz mode, offering a variety of question formats to help check for understanding, from polling to open-ended and multiple choice.
  • Video Quiz mode, combining our amazing content with embedded questions in the video to create engaging, interactive experiences.

A Platform That Plays Well with Others

Tighter integrations with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and other EdTech tools like Google and Microsoft Teams make it much easier to quickly search and share content directly with students. We’ve also improved access in and out of the classroom with seamless SSO integration, QR codes for student login, and a new “search by school” feature.

Together, these new features and enhancements support you with endless ways to create interactive learning experiences that spark curiosity, make classroom activities lively and engaging, and help every student achieve their “light bulb” moment.

Keep coming back to our Insights section this August as we dive deeper into these new features and how they work for you. You can also follow us on Facebook and @DiscoveryEd for even more helpful tips and resources for the new school year.

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July 2021 Partner Spotlight

Each month we take time to showcase a few of the amazing partners that we work with to develop the high-quality content your students want and need. Take a moment to help us celebrate these partnerships, check out some of their new resources and learn more about the incredible things they do!

And don’t forget to check out more content in our This Month at DE: July article.

FUTURE U. by Boeing

FUTURE U. provides educators the tools they need to inspire their students to use creativity, collaboration, persistence, and problem-solving skills to change and improve their world. New this month, Boeing’s Principles of Aviation experience immerses students in experiential learning and examines the Principal Forces of Flight through a virtual flight simulator!

Explore this exciting resource now.

Common Sense Education

Common Sense Education programs connect students to critical digital citizenship skills, helping them navigate the virtual world responsibly. Each lesson takes on timely topics for school communities, supports teachers with improved classroom tools, and prepares students to take ownership of their digital lives.

Help students achieve media balance and well-being this summer with over 73 new Common Sense resources, available in both English and Spanish.

Global Oneness Project

Through immersive storytelling and curricula, the Global Oneness Project brings universal values into the lives of educators and students while exploring the deeper issues facing humanity. Find award-winning films for grades 3-12 that broaden student perspectives and world views while fostering inquiry, empathy, resilience, and a sacred relationship with our planet.

Get started with the new Recording Kawaiisu video!

The Fable Cottage

Help younger students explore popular stories like Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, and Chicken Little with The Fable Cottage. All selections are available in audiobook, reading passage, or video format, ensuring there’s something for every learner.

Make the most of July with timely content, tools, and events! View the latest updates and featured content in our This Month at DE Studio Board.

Go There Now Request a Demo

Science News for Students

Science News for Students presents a diverse collection of articles designed for middle and high school students, helping them stay up to date with noteworthy STEM developments, innovations, and research from experts in the field. Topics cover significant advances in earth and space science, health and medicine, physics, technology, computer science, psychology, and more.

See more in the Science News for Students Channel!


Explore notable and fascinating research related to science and technology with Seeker. Browse our new Seeker Channel to investigate natural phenomena and groundbreaking innovations in STEM, and learn more about topics like Earth science, space, biology, modern technology, and nuclear physics.

Shape of Life | Sea Studios Foundation

Part of Sea Studios Foundation, Shape of Life offers classroom content and resources that depict the evolution of the animal kingdom. Check out over 21 new animations that help us understand creature behaviors and appreciate the magic and diversity of life on Earth.

Get started with these selections:

We hope you and your students enjoy these new learning resources and be sure to join us here next month for more partner highlights.

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This Month at DE: July

Take time this summer to explore and appreciate the world around us with these new July resources from Discovery Education! Find engaging content and activities to keep adventure alive and amplify summer learning for all.

Exploring Our World in Greenland: The High Latitude Community of Qaanaaq

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Visit the settlement of Qaanaaq, Greenland in this short video! Learn about the temperature and climate of this area, and hear locals explain how climate change has impacted the community’s economy and reliance on the environment.

Learn More

Kari the Elephant

Grades K-5

Enjoy this latest audiobook addition, Dhan Gopal Mukerji’s tale of a young boy and his elephant as they grow up together in India. Born near Calcutta, author Mukerji was one of the earliest popular Indian writers in the United States, publishing this story in 1922 and winning the Newbery Medal for children’s fiction in 1928.

Learn More

Recording Kawaiisu

Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Get a look inside the Kawaiisu tribe as you explore the work of Julie Turner, a Kawaiisu woman who spent sixteen years recording her father speaking their native language. In this video, students can witness the family’s documentation process and learn about the significance of preserving the language.

Learn More

The Sayings of Lao Tzu

Grades 9-12

Give students a glimpse into Chinese culture with The Sayings of Lao Tzu Channel. This new channel showcases a compilation of philosopher Lao Tzu’s most profound writings, translated directly from ancient Chinese texts.

Learn More

Make the most of July with timely content, tools, and events! View the latest updates and featured content in our This Month at DE Studio Board.

Go There Now Request a Demo

Sponge Animation: Wild Ride through a Sponge

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Take a trip through the canals of a sponge! In this animation from the Shape of Life, students can follow microscopic organisms as they are pulled through the sponge and travel to its “heart,” giving them a fun way to learn about this deceptively complex organism.

Learn More

STEM Camp Channel

Grades 3-8

Find fun, fresh ways to spice up summer learning with daily activities in the updated STEM Camp Channel. Each topic provides five days of instructional resources, with daily content offering over three hours of engaging learning activities, hands-on experiences, interactives, and more.

Learn More

STEM Unplugged: Making Rock Candy Crystals

Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Learn about the science of candy in this episode of STEM Unplugged from the TGR Foundation. Using materials found around the house, kids can complete a hands-on, at-home experiment to uncover the chemistry behind rock candy and get a quick lesson in seed crystals, solubility, and supersaturation.

Learn More

Travel through History: Discover Montreal

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Visit Montreal in this new Travel through History video! Learn about the city’s history and local traditions as you tour some of its most famous attractions, including Mount Royal, the Pointe-à-Callière Museum, the Biodome, and the Notre-Dame Basilica.

Learn More

Ignite My Future Emoji Essay

Grades 6-8

Celebrate World Emoji Day on July 17 with this activity from Ignite My Future, developed in partnership with TCS. In this lesson, students will read, analyze, and summarize content within a piece of literature using emojis, capturing the main themes of the text for someone who does not speak the same language.

Learn More

We hope you enjoy these new resources and be sure to join us here next month as we gear up for back-to-school with our August theme: New Beginnings!

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June 2021 Partner Spotlight

Spice up summer learning with new student activities and professional learning opportunities! Check out new resources in our June content article, and keep reading to browse a few of our amazing partners we’re shining a light on this month.

3M: Science at Home

Cultivate student curiosity with the recently added Science at Home series from 3M! Perfect for summer learning, these videos feature hands-on, fun experiments using common, easy-to-find items. Take a look today and check back for more videos coming this summer.


BESE is a digital news platform that reconstructs and recontextualizes narratives around how young people connect to today’s America. Founded by actress Zoe Saldana, each series from BESE promotes inclusivity and navigates the American tapestry of cultures, identities, and nations. Inspire students with a diverse collection of inventors, newsmakers, problem-solvers, and changemakers who have contributed to our society through science, technology, art, and culture.

Help commemorate Pride Month with these fascinating BESE videos:

Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids

Our partnership with Jackson Charitable Foundation is helping put the fun, Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids financial literacy program in schools and homes across America. Find grab-and-go family activities and join the Cha-Ching band as they prepare kids grades K-6 with the knowledge, tools, and practice they need to make informed decisions to reach their goals and dreams.

Comcast Community Impact

In case you missed it, we recently teamed up with Comcast Community Impact to present a monumental Virtual Field Trip around Washington, D.C.! For many students, a trip to Washington, D.C. is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that opens their eyes to an exciting world beyond their classrooms. On May 26, Discovery Education and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden welcomed students to a behind-the-scenes Virtual Field Trip to experience the history and beauty of our nation’s capital while touring six landmark locations around the city.

Visit our Portrait of Washington, D.C. Channel today to watch the Virtual Field Trip on demand and find related resources for students and families.

Make the most of June with timely content, tools, and events! View the latest updates and featured content in our This Month at DE Studio Board.

Go There Now Request a Demo

Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation

Celebrate both World Oceans Day and National Zoo and Aquarium Month with an exciting exploration of the ocean and its magnificent inhabitants. Join marine conservationist and artist Guy Harvey and his marine biologist daughter Jessica as they travel the world to study and document the largest predators and most exotic wildlife on land and in the sea. Get up close and personal with our wild world with Jessica Harvey’s Expedition Notebook series, and study all things related to the ocean with Marine Science 101.

Dive into these new videos recently added to our Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Channel:

STEM Careers Coalition

Join us and the STEM Careers Coalition for our upcoming Hands-On STEM event on June 22! Tune in to the first session in this action-packed series that empowers the next generation of STEM Solution Seekers, equipping them with the skills they need to take on some of the planet’s greatest sustainability challenges.

During each episode, host Brandon Okpalobi will introduce students to a local or global issue, explore why it’s happening, connect with inspiring people who are working to find solutions, and help students uncover their own possibilities with exciting hands-on STEM activities. Learn more and register today!

We hope you and your students enjoy these new learning resources and be sure to join us here next month for more partner highlights.

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This Month at DE: June

Kick off summer with opportunities to extend learning for educators and students! Find new professional learning resources and exciting timely content to keep students engaged throughout the summer season.

BESE Explains: Two-Spirit with Paola Ramos

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Commemorate Pride Month with BESE! In this video, we learn about the phrase “Two Spirit,” which is used by the Indigenous community to help them claim not just their gender identity, but their ethnic and spiritual heritage, too.

Learn More

Best of Interactives Channel

All Grade Bands

Accelerate learning this summer and immerse students in engaging digital activities with our Best of Interactives Channel. Ready-to-use instructional activities for select interactives provide reflection questions, additional learning content, and a challenge for students.

Learn More

District Communication Kit for Summer Learning

For School and District Leaders

Use the resources provided through our District Communication Kit for Summer Learning to plan ahead and keep your school community connected to what matters most, now and through the summer season.

Learn More

Extend Your Learning

For Educators

Explore various topics such as interdisciplinary learning, real-world application, social-emotional learning and so much more in our collection of supportive resources and learning modules from our corporate and community partners.

Learn More

Make the most of June with timely content, tools, and events! View the latest updates and featured content in our This Month at DE Studio Board.

Go There Now Request a Demo

June Daily Fix It

Grades 3-5

Stimulate student minds all month long with new sentence prompts available in our June Daily Fix It Board!

Learn More

Summer Learning Activities

Grades 3-5

We’ve added a new collection of ready-to-use activities specifically designed to help teachers this summer! These activities:

  • Span grades K-8 and are based on ELA and math standards that address learning recovery needs.
  • Incorporate science or social studies content that engages students and supports background knowledge development.
  • Will include 25 new social-emotional learning activities based on our most popular content.

Check them out now in the Student Learning Activities Channel.

Learn More

We hope you enjoy these new resources and be sure to join us here next month as we dive into our July theme: Explore Your World!

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May 2021 Partner Spotlight

As educators get ready for summer, we’ve added many new learning resources to our digital library to help engage students and extend learning over the summer and beyond. Check out new resources in our May content article, and keep reading to browse a few of our amazing partners we’re shining a light on this month.


Our collaboration with Cheddar News delivers the latest technology and business news straight to educators and students while sparking curiosity and simplifying efforts to integrate current events into everyday instruction. Browse the full CheddarK-12 Channel to learn more and check out one of this month’s new episodes like CheddarK-12 Explains: Why the Human Eye is a Design Disaster.

Earth to Luna!

This fun, educational video series follows Luna, her brother Jupiter, and pet ferret Clyde on real-life and imaginary adventures to explore life, physical, and earth and space science concepts. Luna sparks children’s curiosity about science and encourages them to wonder and investigate how the world works. Visit the channel today and explore the 10 new programs available in both English and Spanish.

Encyclopedia Womannica

Encyclopedia Womannica, a podcast series from Wonder Media Network, offers bite-sized audio biographies of women you may or may not know, but whose impacts have changed the world. Gain inspiration and get to know incredible stories by listening to the contributions, successes, trials, and triumphs of phenomenal women from a variety of backgrounds, including activists, actors, teachers, poets, philosophers, comedians, and more.

Encourage students to start a summer “listening” club with the Encyclopedia Womannica Channel and its engaging themes, such as STEMinists, Beautiful Minds, Pioneers, and Feminists.

Make the most of May with timely content, tools, and events! View the latest updates and featured content in our This Month at DE Studio Board.

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Teaching with Testimony: USC Shoah Foundation

The USC Shoah Foundation – Institute for Visual History and Education is dedicated to making audio-visual interviews with survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides a compelling voice for education and action. Inspire advocacy and empathy with the recent Identity, Belonging, and Legacy Virtual Field Trip. Hear firsthand stories of anti-hate advocates working to preserve the legacy of survivors of the Armenian Genocide and spark timely discussions with students about the need to speak out and actively counter hate in their communities.

Use the Virtual Field Trip Educator Guide for additional support sharing this powerful program with your students.

Soar with Wings

In partnership with Wings for Kids and The Allstate Foundation, Soar with Wings: Social Emotional Skills for School and Life provides standards-aligned digital resources that incorporate academics and fun while building key social-emotional skills for students in grades K–5. Soar with Wings also strengthens the skillset of teachers, parents, and caregivers so they can equip young learners with the resources and support they need to fly high!

Use the new Act It Out! learning module to help students in grades K-2 explore the concepts of self-awareness and self-management through an emphasis on role playing—ultimately creating a puppet show that stars themselves as the main character.

We hope you and your students enjoy these new learning resources and be sure to join us here next month for more partner highlights.

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