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Spring Break Self-Care Tips from the DEN

With so many things happening in and out of the classroom, a mid-semester reset has never sounded so good. What do you have in the works for Spring Break? If you’re needing some fresh ideas on how you can reset, there are many little ways we can take care of ourselves—whether we have five minutes or five days. Check out the ways educators from our DEN Community are practicing self-care this Spring Break and get inspired to unwind!

Look to the Outdoors for Inspiration

Kimberly Castner, a 4th grade teacher from NC, knows “Spring Break is a time to rest and recharge to finish out the school year strong!” Kim says, “My tip for educators who are looking to take care of themselves over Spring Break is to look to the outdoors for inspiration. A daily nature walk, time spent in the sunshine, or gardening are all great ways to slow down and focus on yourself during that time.”

Disconnect to Reconnect

A crucial tip for Spring Break (and beyond) is to disconnect from outside distractions and reconnect to yourself and what’s important at home. A Georgia Instructional Technology Specialist exclaims, “It is VERY important to disconnect—allow yourself to recharge! Try your best not to take work home with you” and focus on you and your loved ones.

Remember It’s Spring BREAK!

“Schedules are busy, but Spring Break is a time to unwind and take a break,” emphasizes Misty Smith, an Applications Integrations Specialist from GA. “This Spring Break, take a moment to get outside and move in a new way. Gather a few friends to go kayak, play frisbee golf, or just take a walk to share some laughs! We all know laughter is food for the soul.”

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Maybe You Can Have a Spa Day After All!

One DEN member suggests, “The best self-care tip I can give to my fellow educators is to have a spa day! You can go to an actual spa (even book a trip to a spa resort) or make an at-home spa experience for yourself. All you need is a nice, relaxing atmosphere, some bath soaks, great smelling lotions, good music, and a good book.

“Taking time to reflect on the past, dream about the future, and relish in the moments of success is so important because it gives you a focus and [renewed] purpose. Whatever you decide to do for Spring Break, make it count by counting yourself worthy of self-care!”

Know What You Need, And What You Don’t

“Take a digital self-assessment and scale back to mindfully embrace some down time!”, says an Instructional Technology & Interactive Learning Consultant from Michigan. “For guidance, I appreciate Meghan Livingstone’s 7 Digital Well Care Habits:

  1. Start the day tech-free.
  2. Assess your screen time.
  3. Turn off push notifications.
  4. Take intentional breaks.
  5. Adjust what your exposed to.
  6. Implement blue light protection.
  7. And document mindfully!

More Self-Care Tips & Resources from DE

Find more tips for teachers and guidance for students to practice some much-needed self-care in our K-12 learning platform! Explore the Social-Emotional Learning Center for an extensive library of resources that support professional learning, SEL integration into classrooms, and student-facing digital content for all grades. You can also find ready-to-use activities in the Health Channel, as well as Virtual Field Trips and even more health and wellness content collections.

We hope you’re able to find time to rest and relax this spring, and keep coming back to DE for more timely tips and tricks from the DEN!

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