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– Digital content use demonstrates Texas’ leadership in the national shift from traditional textbooks to digital textbooks –

Silver Spring, Md. (Nov 17, 2011) – Addressing students’ 21st century learning styles, over 100,000 students in grades 5-8 across Texas will be using the interactive Discovery Education Science Techbook as a digital resource for instruction in their classrooms this fall.

Built from the ground-up to meet Science TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) education standards, Discovery Education Science Techbook serves as a digital instructional resource, promoting collaboration, creativity and participatory learning. The Science Techbook meets students in the digital environment where they live, while igniting their natural interest in science with dynamic, engaging resources, including virtual labs, video clips, ebook passages and more.

Unlike traditional textbooks, Discovery Education Science Techbook uses an inquiry-based approach to learning, bringing key science concepts to life for both English and Spanish-speaking students. Other interactive elements available only from Discovery Education include an interactive glossary, videos and photos, and clips from Discovery Channel’s award-winning series such as PLANET EARTH, LIFE and MYTHBUSTERS.

Using a real-time assessment component that measures students’ progress and recommends individualized resources, the Science Techbook has the ability to address individual student’s learning styles and prescribe resources targeted to their performance.

The Science Techbook is dynamic and updated in real time, providing teachers the opportunity to incorporate up-to-date scientific issues into their curriculum and students the chance to interact with experts on the front lines. Most recently the Science Techbook has featured such events as the tornados that occurred across the southeast U.S. and the tornado and tsunami in Japan. Finally, Discovery Education Science Techbook is a substantially less expensive option per student than textbooks, with additional savings derived from a lack of textbook replacement or inventory costs.

“This unique, all digital science adoption choice by Texas signals a systemic shift toward the acceptance of digital content as a textbook alternative,” said Dr. Yolanda Rey, executive director, Texas ASCD. “The Discovery Education Science Techbook highlights how digital can bring the world of science alive for every type of learner through dynamic videos, reading passages, hands-on activities, interactive virtual labs and more. Texas is proving itself to be a leader in the transition to 21st century digital learning resources.”

Discovery Education is the leading provider of high quality curriculum-based digital content, professional development and assessment resources whose services are available in more than half of U.S. schools.

“The Discovery Education Science Techbook has reimagined the learning process, delivering unique and interactive features updated in real-time that aren’t possible with a traditional textbook,” said Brett Felten, director, Techbook partnerships, Discovery Education. “The schools across Texas choosing to implement the Techbook will benefit the districts in the long run as the most economical choice, with deep professional development included in the price to empower educators in this transition to digital.”

For more information about the Discovery Education Science Techbook, visit or call 800-323-9084.

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