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Discovery Education`s Digital Textbook Launching in Classrooms Across the Country This Fall

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— Discovery Education’s Interactive Science Techbook Replaces Static Print Textbooks as Primary Instructional Resource —

Silver Spring, Md. (June 28, 2011) – In an effort to address students’ 21st century learning styles, nearly 80,000 elementary and middle school students across several states will be using the interactive Discovery Education Science Techbook in their classrooms this fall instead of traditional textbooks. A new core instructional resource, the Discovery Education Science Techbook meets students in the digital environment where they live, while igniting their natural interest in science.

Each edition of the Discovery Education Science Techbook series is built from the ground up to address individual state standards and is intended to serve as the primary instructional resource in elementary and middle schools nationwide. The Techbook provides dynamic, engaging resources, including virtual labs, video clips, ebook passages, an interactive glossary, and more. Also included is a real-time assessment component that measures students’ progress and recommends individualized resources that reinforce classroom instruction.

Unlike traditional textbooks, the Discovery Education Science Techbook has the ability to address individual student’s learning modalities and abilities, and prescribe resources targeted to how each student performs. The Techbook is dynamic and updated in real time, providing teachers the opportunity to incorporate up-to-date scientific issues into their curriculum, such as the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Finally, the Discovery Education Science Techbook is a substantially less expensive option per student than textbooks, with additional savings derived from a lack of textbook replacement or inventory costs.

“After a thorough evaluation of a variety of textbook options, our instructional materials committee concluded the Discovery Education Science Techbook was the resource best suited to meet the needs of our teachers and students in Collier County,” said Curt Witthoff, district science and environmental education coordinator. “Unlike traditional textbooks, the Discovery Education Science Techbook can be updated instantaneously to reflect the changing world our students live in, has the ability to meet every student’s learning needs, regardless of their learning style, and proved to be a very affordable option as well. The ability to search for resources by state benchmark is an important feature and this service provides an efficient way for teachers to access their resources. Overall, the Discovery Education Science Techbook provides a relevant and rigorous curriculum that meets the needs of our 21st century learners in Collier County and we are looking forward to engaging with this dynamic learning tool in classrooms beginning this fall.”

“The Discovery Education Science Techbook uniquely creates learning environments that promote collaboration, creativity and participatory learning,” said Chuck Amos, vice president, Discovery Education. “The implementation of the Discovery Education Science Techbook in both adoption states and open territory districts across the country proves that schools are adapting to meet the needs of their 21st century digital students.”

Since introducing the Techbook last year, Discovery Education has made several updates, including hundreds of new Spanish-language content resources, upgrades to the site to improve Accessibility compliance and simplified access to highly utilized elements, such as model lessons. Discovery Education is the leading provider of high quality curriculum-based digital content, professional development and assessment resources whose services are available in more than half of U.S. schools.

For more information about the Discovery Education Science Techbook, visit or call 800-323-9084.

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