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Discovery Education’s Statement on’s Recent Review of the Math Techbook

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Stephen Wakefield, Discovery Education

Silver Spring, Md. (May 4, 2017) – Following’s release of its review of the Discovery Education’s Math Techbook, Marty Creel, Discovery Education’s Chief Academic Officer/Vice President of Digital Instruction, issued the following statement:

Discovery Education is grateful to’s panel of expert reviewers for their thorough analysis of Math Techbook.’s overwhelmingly positive reviews of Math Techbook Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Traditional High School (Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2) and Math Techbook Integrated High School (Math I, II, and III) highlight Discovery Education’s deep, ongoing commitment to producing high-quality instructional materials that engage students in problems worth solving and support the success of all learners.

Discovery Education believes today’s educators and students deserve instructional materials that help them meet the demands placed on them by research-based standards and assessments, and we feel’s extensive review of the Math Techbook validates our commitment to that goal. Our analysis of’s recent reviews found that:

  • Of the fifteen publishers submitting complete sets of secondary courses for review to date, Discovery Education is the only publisher to receive the highest rating of Meets Expectations in all secondary courses.
  • Discovery Education’s courses are the only courses to date receiving a perfect score in the quality of mathematics and pedagogical content area out of more than fifty courses reviewed at the middle school level.
  • Discovery Education’s Grade 6 and Grade 7 Math Techbooks scored higher than any other product reviewed by in those respective grade levels.

Each new iteration of the Math Techbook is based on extensive user feedback and data analysis. Since began its review of the Math Techbook, we’ve made a number of enhancements to the service and believe it may have scored even higher had reviewers had the opportunity to analyze the Math Techbook’s most recent version. The latest enhancements, which are based on student and teacher feedback, include a streamlined design to ease planning for teachers and to emphasize the balance of structured inquiry and direct instruction, more options for differentiation and personalized learning, additional assessment items, improved math tools—including a specialized tool featuring live data from the NBA, and a print Interactive Student Resource edition.  Currently, our Product Development Team is carefully analyzing the reviews as part of planning for the next round of Math Techbook enhancements, and we anticipate incorporating much of the feedback we’ve received into the next iteration of this service. 

Once again, Discovery Education is grateful to for their comprehensive review of our Math Techbooks. Their evidence-based reviews of instructional materials and support of smart adoption processes are helping equip teachers with excellent instructional materials nationwide. Their independent reviews are ensuring that the promise of high quality of math instruction is a step closer to realization in many more classrooms across the nation, and we are proud to be a part of their process.

With over 26 years of experience as an educator, Marty Creel leads Discovery Education's innovative Digital Instruction Group. Marty began his career as an engaging social studies teacher known for creatively using technology to deepen learning. As a district-wide curriculum, instruction, and professional development leader in a large urban/suburban school system, he was the architect of a thoughtful transition to instructional standards that empowered teachers and principals to support the success of each learner.  

Marty is available for interviews and additional comment.  For more information, email Discovery Education Vice President of Public Affairs Stephen Wakefield at, or call 240-662-5563.