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Teaching with Testimony

USC Shoah Foundation and Discovery Education have partnered to create Teaching with Testimony, a new educational program that unlocks the powerful classroom potential of testimony. Drawing upon USC Shoah Foundation’s vast library of audiovisual testimony from survivors and witnesses of genocides, Teaching with Testimony empowers students to find their voices and take action for a better future.

My Digital Life

Online safety skills give students the power to navigate online spaces confidently and take ownership of their digital lives. Norton and Discovery Education are encouraging cyber smart students to embrace the possibilities and the responsibilities of digital citizenship with interactive learning resources for grades 3–8 created through our My Digital Life program.

Junior Fire Marshal Training Academy

Knowledge is power—and it can save lives! Encourage K–3 students to explore the essentials of fire safety and prevention skills to ensure their families are prepared while earning their Junior Fire Marshal Certificate, through a collection of standards-aligned classroom resources.