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This Month at DE: May

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As this school year comes to a close, we’ve curated exciting content to help you wrap up the month, find new professional learning, and engage students over the summer and beyond.

Accelerating Learning Resources

For Educators

Discovery Education is here to support our educators with new professional learning resources that includes strategies, interactive courses, and Studio Slideshows to help accelerate learning and keep all students moving forward.

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Audiobooks Collection

All Grade Bands

Spark your imagination and explore the full collection of Audiobooks available in Discovery Education—from classic children’s stories and fairy tales to science fiction and famous poetry, to modern young adult favorites.

Explore the full collection and check out the new Jane Eyre selection for grades 6-12 and Cane for grades 9-12.

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Best of Interactives Channel

All Grade Bands

Accelerate learning this summer and immerse students in engaging digital activities with our Best of Interactives Channel. Ready-to-use instructional activities for select interactives provide reflection questions, additional learning content, and a challenge for students.

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Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage

All Grade Bands

Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with this dedicated content channel that helps us commemorate the rich heritage, historical roots, culture, and achievements of Asian Americans and Asian American Pacific Islanders. Learn about the various cultures and countries that make up the continent of Asia. Explore articles, activities, images, and videos that reveal how Asian Americans and AAPIs celebrate their heritage and continue to shape the United States as activists, authors, and changemakers.

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Make the most of May with timely content, tools, and events! View the latest updates and featured content in our This Month at DE Studio Board.

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Cicadas: U.S. Awaits Huge, 17-Year Cicada Hatch

Grades 3-6, 6-8, 9-12

We all recognize the unmistakable chirping of cicadas every summer. For millions of Americans, May 2021 will be an extra noisy month. Show students this short video to learn about the once-every-17-year hatch of periodic cicadas that’s set to occur across parts of the eastern United States.

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Earth to Luna! The Coral Choral

Grades K-2, 3-5

Have younger students join Luna, Clyde, and Jupiter as they investigate a coral reef! In this episode, the adventurous trio makes believe that they are little fish in order to learn more about what kind of creature the corals might be. Available in English and Spanish.

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Keeping You Connected to Curiosity: Devin Pickett, Baseball Information Coordinator, Chicago White Sox

Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Watch the latest video in our original Keeping You Connected to Curiosity series. Devin Pickett has always loved math and baseball. Find out how he combines those two passions in his role as the Baseball Information Coordinator for the Chicago White Sox, where curiosity drives him to explore ever-changing ways to improve player performance.

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Travel through History: Discover Belize

Grades 6-8, 9-12

Travel out of the classroom and through history on this virtual adventure to Belize. Explore the diverse culture of Belize City, the ancient archaeological Mayan city of Lamanai, and a prison-turned-museum that houses Mayan and British colonial history.

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We hope you enjoy these new resources and be sure to join us here next month as we dive into even more summer adventures for June!