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Science Techbook for Indiana

Discover How Easy It Is to Love Science

Science Techbook for Indiana has been added to the state’s High Quality Curriculum Materials Advisory List by the Indiana Department of Education


For Indiana Science Classrooms

Indiana students deepen scientific inquiry with phenomena-driven lessons and embedded accessibility tools. Time-optimizing resources provide Indiana teachers with more time to focus on teaching.

Why Indiana Teachers LOVE Science Techbook

Built for Indiana

Discovery Education Science Techbook for Indiana is a comprehensive core curriculum designed for Indiana teachers and students.

Student-Centered Learning

Science Techbook for Indiana is a hands-on and immersive active learning program. Watch students transform into scientists and engineers through engaging real-world lessons.

Time-Optimizing Resources

Make the most of your time! Science Techbook for Indiana includes intuitive digital tools that personalize the student experience and instructor resources that streamline processes.

Built for Indiana

Science Techbook for Indiana is a comprehensive K-12 core curriculum designed for Indiana teachers and students.

Research-Driven with Proven Efficacy

Discovery Education is proud to announce that Science Techbook for Indiana meets Tier III and Tier IV evidence requirements in compliance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

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Engaging Hands-on Activities

Easily meet lab and activity requirements with engaging Hands-on Activities and Interactives.

Assessments and Data

Inform instruction with ongoing formative and summative assessments, many with auto-grading. Progress monitoring allows for district-wide reports.

Award-Winning Content

Wow Indiana students with engaging phenomena, rigorous yet approachable scientific literacy lessons, and award-winning digital media!

Print, Digital, & Kits

Science Techbook for Indiana is available in print (K-8) and digital formats to provide a seamless classroom experience. Create action-packed lessons with optional K-8 Hands-on Activity kits that directly support the labs and activities embedded throughout the program.

Professional Learning

Created by teachers for teachers, Discovery Education Professional Learning ensures teacher readiness by focusing on content relevant to current teaching practices and prioritizing the needs of today’s Indiana educators.

Student-Centered Learning

Science Techbook for Indiana is a hands-on and immersive active learning program. Watch students transform into junior scientists and engineers through engaging real-world lessons.

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Relevant Phenomena-Driven Instruction

Students engage in action-packed journeys to make sense of phenomena all year long. By following real-world storylines with an intentional sequencing of activities, students are motivated to ask important questions, plan investigations, use evidence-based reasoning to support their claims and solve problems.

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Immersive Hands-on Experiences

Students drive learning with Science Techbook for Indiana. This program provides students with immersive and creative ways to explore through hands-on activities and labs, virtual interactives, literacy lessons, and STEM projects. These three-dimensional learning experiences deepen student understanding by giving them more opportunities to do science!

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Create Instructional Excitement

Take students from curiosity to content mastery! Standards-aligned, vetted content from brands students love like Sesame Street, Shark Week, DE Originals, and more. Our portfolio spans core and supplemental curriculum, complete with embedded instructional strategies, to create a continuum of cross-curricular learning that deepens connections and inspires confidence to teach across grades and subjects.

Optimize Your Time

Make the most of your time! Science Techbook for Indiana includes intuitive digital tools that personalize the student experience and instructor resources that streamline processes.

Language Tools Science Techbook

Intuitive digital tools, such as Interactive Glossary, Immersive Reader, and a language toggle, provide just-in-time accessibility options for students.

Teacher Notes Science Techbook

Lessons are accompanied by point-of-use instructional support such as three-dimensional strategies, activity prep, pacing guides, QR codes that support a seamless transition from print to digital, and more!

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Discovery Education Professional Learning offers flexible options covering planning lessons, implementing instructional strategies, collecting data, and engaging students.

The Full Science Solution with Discovery Education

Discovery Education Experience

From videos to books, virtual field trips, and immersive and interactive content, Experience embeds relevant learning to power pre-made lessons, quizzes, and activities. Across subjects and for all grades, there’s something for every classroom.

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Exclusive Content

Explore captivating, engaging content, such as our DE Originals DEmystified series.

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Deepen Student Engagement with Interactives

Interactives create hands-on learning opportunities across subjects and grades.
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experience instructional support

Support Teaching Excellence with SOS Strategies

SOS Strategies and embedded educator supports create pathways to high-quality instruction.

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experience quiz

Check for Student Understanding with Video Quiz

Quizzes embedded in activities check for understanding in a variety of low-pressure, engaging ways.

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experience studio activity

Activate Classroom Collaboration with Studio Activities

Studio Activities and Lessons lead to active learning and creative ways to apply content.

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Dedicated to Applying Ongoing Research​

Discovery Education is proud to announce that Experience meets Level IV evidence requirements in compliance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Mystery Science by Discovery Education

Mystery Science is a unique, NGSS-aligned science curriculum for grades K-5 designed to help students stay curious. Mystery Guides lead engaging, open-and-go lessons with step-by-step hands-on activities exploring scientific phenomena using items commonly found in the classroom.

Supplemental & Available to Bundle

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Pivot Interactives by Discovery Education

Pivot Interactives provides phenomena-based, active learning activities that teachers can embed into every part of the learning cycle, without adding to their plates. With 500+ ready-to-use interactive activities for grades 6-12, students see, measure, analyze, and explore science for themselves.

Supplemental & Available to Bundle

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An Integrated Experience

Science Techbook for Indiana connects to the most widely used systems and supports a variety of integration standards, making it easier than ever to access and manage data, content, resources, and tools.

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Our Impact on Teaching & Learning

Use of Science Techbook is evidence-based and built upon a theory of action designed to enhance the best K-12 teaching and learning experiences.

  • Across 34 performance indicators, schools with Discovery Education’s products performed better on North Carolina’s state assessments for grade-level science proficiency than non-DE partner schools.

  • An independent science impact study with Sahuarita Unified School District (AZ) found that the investment in Discovery Education resulted in increased science, math, and reading proficiency in grades 3-8. 

  • In a study with Rock Hill School District (SC), the use of Science Techbook showed positive impacts on student achievement for fourth grade.

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Dedicated to Applying Ongoing Research

Discovery Education is proud to announce that Science Techbook meets Tier III and Tier IV evidence requirements in compliance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

What Educators Say About DE

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Easily transition from digital to print with Science Techbook for Indiana print Student and Teacher Editions for grades K-8. Customized Teacher Editions offer support and strategies to cover the new Indiana Academic Standards, including lesson overviews and differentiation activities. Teachers will find flexible pacing options, embedded notes, and Pathways for Learning to address diverse learners.

Yes! Science Techbook for Indiana provides comprehensive support for Spanish speakers. Look for authentic Spanish translations for the Core Interactive Text, Spanish glossary terms, and Spanish summative assessments. We also support Multilingual Learners with embedded listening, reading, writing, and speaking supports to help students meet grade-level science content expectations.

Discovery Education’s new Science Techbook for Indiana has been organized and designed to meet the needs of the Indiana Science Pathways in grades 6-8 and aligned to the latest 2023 Indiana Science Standards for grades K-12.

Professional Learning supports educators from implementation and throughout the life of the adoption. Expect training that is effective, relevant, and easy to customize just the way you need it! Our Professional Learning services are developed by classroom teachers, and we prioritize content that is relevant to teachers’ current classroom needs. Topics include planning lessons, implementing instructional strategies, collecting data on student learning, and engaging students with high-quality materials. To meet the needs of instructors, we offer one-on-one and small-group options, both in-person and remotely.

The Science Techbook Dashboard is a data collection and student engagement tool. All data collected from completed student activities, including embedded technology-enhanced item responses, feed to the Dashboard.

Most assessment items are machine-scored to expedite the collection, analysis, and implementation of data in the cycle of learning. Rubrics are often available at point-of-use for constructed-response questions.

Yes! With over 1000 hands-on labs, our Hands-on Science Kits offer an easy-to-use, student-centered opportunity to ensure that students and teachers are equipped with the materials they need for real-world scientific investigations. Hands-on Activity Kits are optional and available to purchase to enhance the classroom experience.

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  • Built for Indiana

  • Student-Centered Learning

  • Time-Optimizing Resources