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Helping Schools Implement Career & Technical Education Programs

School leaders are always seeking the best ways to prepare their students for the future. Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs can help expose students to a variety of technical skills and help prepare them for a competitive workforce. 

Take action and establish a thriving Career and Technical Education program at your school based on the National Career Cluster© Framework.

CTE eBook pages

Establish a Thriving CTE Program 

5 Actions for Proactive Education Leaders

CTE eBook Cover

Actions this eBook will cover:

  • Connect with your community to identify your program’s purpose.
  • Plan the pathway of your program’s coursework and curriculum.
  • Identify funding opportunities to help with the costs of implementing CTE coursework.
  • Prepare your staff for the start of your new CTE program.
  • Engage students, caregivers, and your community in the kickoff of your program.