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Who's Asking the Questions in School? A Practical Guide for Cultivating Student Curiosity

How Curiosity Drives Student Engagement, Motivation, and Persistence

Even though curiosity is natural to the learning process, many schools still overlook or neglect it. Instead, we should elevate curiosity because it is the linchpin that drives student engagement, motivation, and persistence. 

By focusing more on cultivating curiosity, we can improve the engagement, motivation, persistence, and achievement of all students. 

Download our primer today, and access clear frameworks, practical tools, and innovative ideas for how to bring curiosity to the forefront in districts, schools, and classrooms.

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A Practical Guide for Cultivating Student Curiosity

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In this primer, you’ll learn:

  •  Definitions of different types of curiosity
  • How to observe and measure aspects of curiosity, and what the desired outcomes or curiosity look like
  • Tools for supporting student self-assessment and additional assessment techniques
  • How to design learning experiences centered on curiosity
  • Activities and tips to cultivate curiosity