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Evidence-Based Impact with Discovery Education Experience

Research shows that access to Discovery Education Experience is making a significant difference in teaching and learning.  Our award-winning PreK-12 learning platform is built on an an evidence-based Theory of Action and Logic Model that meet ESSA Tier IV standards. 

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Exclusive Content

Explore captivating, engaging content, such as our DE Originals DEmystified series.

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Deepen Student Engagement with Interactives

Interactives create hands-on learning opportunities across subjects and grades.
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Support Teaching Excellence with SOS Strategies

SOS Strategies and embedded educator supports create pathways to high-quality instruction.

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Check for Student Understanding with Video Quiz

Quizzes embedded in activities check for understanding in a variety of low-pressure, engaging ways.

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Activate Classroom Collaboration with Studio Activities

Studio Activities and Lessons lead to active learning and creative ways to apply content.

What is Experience?

Discovery Education Experience is an award-winning PreK-12 learning platform that engages students with exciting real-world content and supports teachers with easy-to-use teaching tools—delivering a seamless digital learning experience that prepares learners for tomorrow.

  • Compelling, relevant, diverse content
  • Grab-and-go resources
  • Differentiation and language support tools
  • Seamless integration with LMS and other tools

Learn More about the Evidence-Based Impact of Discovery Education Experience

How is Experience Making an Impact?

Research shows that regularly using Discovery Education Experience in the classroom has many positive, critical impacts for educators and students, including attendance rates and state assessment performance. These impacts are shown in elementary, middle, and high school, and span a variety of subjects.

In a Texas Study
73% of high-use students met state benchmarks, compared to 30% of low-use students.
In a Tennessee Study
66% of high-use students met reading benchmarks and 70% met math benchmarks, compared to 50% of low-use students meeting benchmark for both reading and math.
In a California Study
8th grade students in high-use social studies and math classes outperformed their peers on state assessments for ELA and math.
In a Kentucky Study
Schools across the state that used Discovery Education had higher test scores across subjects and student groups.
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Experience Meets Evidence-Based Standards for ESSA Tier IV

Following ESSA qualifications for Tier 4, Experience offers a clear logic model founded in an evidence-based theory of action that leads to improved practices in teaching and learning. Discovery Education also has several additional current tiered studies in progress across the U.S. to continually measure Discovery Education’s impact in the classroom.

Learn More about the Evidence-Based Impact of Discovery Education Experience