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Discovery Education Experience

The PK-12 Classroom Companion for Every Teacher and Every Student

Preparing diverse learners for academic and career success calls for a trusted classroom companion to excite students, keep them engaged in rigorous learning, and drive overall achievement.

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So Much More Than Video

Discovery Education Experience Landing Page

Think of Experience as your teachers’ assistant that comes with other helpers to keep students excited about learning — like a Sesame Street friend to introduce Sounds and Letters and a guide to what they Need to Know about historic events. Experience is full of unique video content and so much more.

  • Standards-aligned, cross-curricular content 
  • Grab-and-go lessons and activities
  • Interactive teaching and learning tools
  • Differentiation strategies 
  • Engagement monitoring 
  • Professional development resources

Meeting Classroom Needs Every Step of the Way

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Discovery Education Experience Sounds and Letters Channel

Experience helps inspire and nurture curiosity in the earliest of learners.

  • Sesame Learning Sounds and Letters: Build and deepen students’ phonemic awareness and phonics skills with The Electric Company.
  • Vooks: Bring storybooks to life through animation and voice narration to support students in their literacy journey.
  • NEW Kindergarten PhET interactives: Based on extensive educational research, these game-like simulations invite students to explore math and science concepts.
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Discovery Education Experience Need to Know Channel

Experience supports students in finding their academic strengths, interests, and goals with age-appropriate resources like:

  • Arcademics: Multi-player games help build skills in math, ELA, and social studies.

  • Need to Know: This new DE Originals series was designed and created by educators for educators, guiding students on a journey into the past.

  • Cram Jams: Transform language and grammar into something to sing about with animated music videos paired with instructional activities.

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DE Life Skills Channel

With career-focused, skill-building resources, students can be prepared and feel confident to take their next step.

  • NEW Life Skills Channel: Help students develop and enhance skills critical for success in the workplace and relationships with others.

  • Ready4Work: This docuseries by CheddarK12 explores the ins and outs the job search, highlighting the personal experiences of everyday people, the application process, and more. 

  • Innovators for Impact Virtual Field Trip with Olympian Katie Ledecky and Panasonic: Explore how exciting innovations in robotics and smart mobility solutions are being used by STEM experts at Panasonic.

Educators have trusted Discovery Education Experience for over 20 years. We’re dedicated to providing access to research-backed, vetted instructional content and interactive tools and embedded Educator Supports — all in a single platform that integrates with district systems to enhance existing curriculum and deliver impactful instruction for all students.

Supporting Educators with Discovery Education Experience

Explore How Discovery Education Experience Can Fit Your Students’ Unique Needs

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