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Igniting the Classroom Spark

Saturday October 21, 2023
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM ET
Virtual Event

Did you know grasshoppers have ears in their stomachs? Or that humans can’t burp in space? There is so much fascination to explore in this great big world. And, we believe that getting curious is the best way to learn – no matter the subject! 

Join us for a day of inspiration and hear how members of the Discovery Educator Network are using DE’s compelling content to engage students and build new opportunities for curiosity in their classrooms.   

We invite you to come and get curious with us!  ​  

Thank you for your interest!

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Grab and Go Resources – Great Ways to Save Time
Rita Mortenson and Jessie Erickson
As you settle into a routine for the school year, we know you are busy getting to know your learners, differentiating lessons, and providing relevant content. We’ve gathered our favorite Discovery Education activities, Virtual Field Trips, teaching ideas, and skill-builders for a variety of grades and subjects to help save you time when planning.

Big Brands, Big Excitement
Becky Plotkin
Learn about the diverse portfolio of social impact partnerships that help spread our joy of learning! Whether it’s learning about financial literacy, exploring STEM, staying safe online, and so much more, Discovery Education partners build resources that introduce students to careers and experiences relevant in the real world to the classroom.

From Start to Finish: Resources to Help Every Part of the Lesson
Stephanie Tann
How do we, as educators, create an environment from which students can think and ACT like scientists and engineers? Discovery Education makes it easy with ready-to-go lessons and hands-on explorations that require minimal prep! 

Make Classrooms the Natural Hubs for Generative AI in Education
Hall Davidson
AI is a great leadership opportunity. Find the necessary skills and strategies and to learn about ChatGPT and other generative AI tools. Become familiar with the emerging legal frameworks. Master prompt engineering by learning to “use AI to use AI.

SOS: Transforming Ordinary Lessons with Instructional Strategies
Betsy Orlando & Tiffany Cobbs
Are you seeking innovative ways to effectively engage your students with digital media resources? Look no further! Discovery Education has a dedicated section called SOS (Spotlight on Strategies) which transforms any educational content into a captivating and enriching learning experience for your students.

Using Discovery Education to Reimagine Supporting Claims through Evidence
Merek Chang
Claim-Evidence-Reasoning is a tried-and-true pedagogical practice to support instruction. However, one of the practices that is often overlooked is obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information. Studio Boards provide a great opportunity to leverage your vast media library across all content areas to support students in finding evidence that will support the claims students are investigating.

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