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Upcoming Live Events
for Arizona Educators

Join us for live professional learning webinars available to Arizona educators at no cost.

As a learning leader, we recognize your need to focus on equitable instruction for all your students. Join us for a 45-minute session to learn how Discovery Education’s K-12 learning platform provides your teachers with authentic, real-world content, useful teaching tools, and professional learning strategies. Your educators will be equipped to engage students, address current and relevant topics, and take advantage of ready-to-use lesson activities that address all students’ learning needs.


Let’s Move!

Explore creative ways to incorporate physical activity into your instructional process with intentional movement breaks. Join us as we explore instructional strategies like Act it Out and physical activities like brain breaks, power ups & shake it up to help students re-focus and get them moving and learning more. Dress for movement and come prepared to have fun.

Discover Effective Strategies

Uncover effective strategies to use with the content in the Native Stories of the Southwest Channel. Educators will examine research-based strategies for integrating Discovery Education digital curriculum resources in meaningful, effective, and practical ways. Emphasis will be placed on strategies that help educators incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing and being in the instructional process.

Write On Purpose!

Bring student writing alive with a clear understanding of author’s purpose. As writers, creators, and authors, we have a purpose in mind when creating written messages. This experiential session will examine various goals for writing to help students understand author’s purpose. Focus will be on helping students write different kinds of texts for different reasons.

Explore Careers in Computer Science

Today, all the devices we use run applications that were created by someone working in the field of computer science. Join us as we explore careers in computer science and discover digital resources to share with students to help them investigate the computer science pathway of STEM. We will hear from experts working in the field as coders, programmers, software engineers, video game designers and more.

Working with English Language Learners to Develop Academic Vocabulary

Acquiring academic vocabulary is a critical component to the overall success of English Language Learners both inside and outside of the classroom. In this session we will present five instructional strategies to help you strengthen the academic vocabulary of your ELL students and create intentional opportunities to promote English language acquisition.

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