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Bring STEM to life with ISTE and Discovery Education

Through an exclusive partnership, ISTE Members can enjoy free access to Discovery Education’s newest K-8 resource, STEM Connect through July 31.

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Don’t limit challenges.
Challenge limits.

Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering, STEM Connect encourages students to develop and apply solutions to real challenges facing the world.

Relatable + Real
The challenges posed to students progress from Grades K to 8. Younger students are faced with more personal, local issues. Whereas middle school students are pushed to solve more complex, global challenges. Students are also asked to personalize solutions to fit community and local needs.

Across Subjects
From math and literacy to art and health, STEM Connect Connection activities ask students to apply appropriate grade-level skills to various disciplines.

Teach them today. They’ll handle tomorrow.

Education is about preparing for what’s next. STEM Connect helps students realize their potential and how their interests can apply to a diverse range of STEM careers for the future.

4C STEM Skills
STEM Connect has woven the 4Cs — Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and, Critical Thinking — into a unique curricular framework that progresses across grade levels.

Career Connections
STEM Connect provides students with opportunities to learn about diverse STEM careers in context and connects the skills they are using to real work happening around the world.

Literacy Infused
STEM Connect develops and strengthens literacy skills through informational text infused with fictional stories and characters, introducing problems to students with relevancy and engagement.

Real-life lessons.

STEM Connect offers a highly engaging and interactive learning model to accelerate student comprehension and application of real-world information, which leads to students asking questions instead of just memorizing answers.

Hands-On Activities
STEM Connect blends dynamic, digital content with engaging opportunities for students to build, design and create.

Global STEM Solution Seekers
STEM Connect users are part of a global community. In select units, students connect via GlobalLab, a global student laboratory, to share data and collaborate with others around the world.

STEM made simple.

Regardless of where you are on your STEM journey, STEM Connect is designed to support and integrate with your instruction seamlessly.

Affordable One-Stop Resource
STEM Connect affordably packages everything teachers need in one place. From model lessons, interdisciplinary connections and just-in-time teacher notes, to interactive tools and accompanying hands-on activities, STEM Connect saves teachers time.

Easy To Use, Anywhere, Anytime
STEM Connect offers a streamlined design that provides an easy-to-follow experience, accessible from any device, 24/7. STEM Connect can be used with any amount of technology — a classroom full of laptops, tablets, individual smart phones, or a single interactive whiteboard.

Start shaping the future.

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