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Tundra Connections Virtual Field Trip

What Can You Learn from a Polar Bear?
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Polar Bear Q&A
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About the Events

What Can You Learn from a Polar Bear?

Travel to Churchill, Manitoba with DE to learn about the polar bear’s environment and the people who share it. On this live Virtual Field Trip, we’ll discover what enables this unique species to survive in the arctic tundra, explore different ways you can work with polar bears, and identify how you can protect polar bears and our planet.
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Polar Bear Q&A

Does your class have questions about polar bears? Our team has answers! Join this live chat to ask your questions to polar bear scientists and learn what other students around the world are studying. This informal question and answer session is your chance to hop on Tundra Buggy One as we explore the arctic ecosystem and the animals that depend on it.

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Image of a Polar Bear

What Can You Learn from a Polar Bear? Virtual Field Trip

Ready-to-Use Resources

Before, during, and after the event, use these resources to build background about polar bears and the tundra ecosystem.

Polar Bear Channel in Discovery Education

If you have Discovery Education, you can find these resources in service:

  • Polar Bear: Learning Adventure (3-8): Explore one of the 13 activities and have students demonstrate what they learn using the student response sheet. (US | Canada)
  • Polar Bears: K-2 Activity: Students learn about polar bears while practicing foundational language arts and math skills. (US | Canada)
  • Fix-It: Polar Bears (K-2): Present this Slideshow for students to practice using commas while learning about polar bears. (US Only)
  • Background Builder: Polar Bears: Students will learn how to define polar bears and describe why they are important.
  • Find more resources in the Polar Bears Channel (US | Canada).

You can also find a wealth of instructional resources in Polar Bears International’s Education Center.

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Since 2010, Discovery Education has teamed up with Polar Bears International to host a series of shared learning experiences to engage students and inspire their interest in studying the science of polar bears and their Arctic habitat.

Curious Creatures: Polar Bears on the Tundra Virtual Field Trip

Grade Level: K-5
Travel to the heart of the polar bear action just outside of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada to see these curious creatures in action and discover the science of polar bears.

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The Phenomena of Polar Bears Migration Virtual Field Trip

Grade Level: 6-12
Take a trip to Canada for the annual polar bear migration. Connect with scientists, learn about the connections between climate change and habitats, and see polar bears in their natural Arctic ecosystem on the shores of the Hudson Bay.

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Tundra Connections Virtual Field Trip: Experience Polar Bears

Grade Level: K-12
The crew returns to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada for the annual polar bear migration to learn about the Arctic ecosystem, polar bear adaptations, sea ice habitat, climate change, and more.

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Living with Polar Bears Virtual Field Trip

Grade Level: 3-8
Polar bears are uniquely adapted to live in the Arctic. They have many traits that help them not only survive, but thrive, in some of the coldest places on the planet. #CelebratewithDE and join us to learn about these wondrous creatures and how living among them presents challenges and opportunities.

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