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Discovery Education Science for Oklahoma

Welcome to Discovery Education Science

We are delighted that you are reviewing our world-class, digital-first curricular solution, available in English and authentically translated Spanish, which offers hands-on activities, collaboration and creation tools, award-winning digital resources, and on-demand professional learning.

Discovery Education Science Program Components

Discovery Education Science Techbook

This digital K-12 solution combines award-winning science curriculum and the Discovery Education Experience learning platform, utilizing a research-based, blended approach with engaging interactive content and hands-on experiences to flexibly meet the needs of both students and teachers–making every minute matter, whether inside the classroom or at a distance.

Discovery Education Science Techbook:

  • Inspires students to investigate real-world phenomena, build, design, and think deeply about science and engineering practices.
  • Provides teachers with tools and flexible resources they need to effectively implement and assess three-dimensional learning and ensure all students have access to rich, robust science content.
  • Supports teachers through literacy connections, model lesson plans, grab-and-go strategies, and a global network of educator-focused support.
  • Elementary and Middle School courses align to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science.

Teacher and Student Print Editions

Combined digital and print teacher guides for Elementary and Middle School offer lesson overviews, standards connections, and differentiation activities to inform instructional planning and guide three-dimensional learning. Teacher editions also provide flexible pacing options, embedded teacher notes, and Pathways for Learning to address diverse learners at various levels. Print student editions and interactive worktexts are available for every grade level and integrate seamlessly with the digital and hands-on assets of this comprehensive program.

Hands-On Science Kits

Stimulating Hands-On Science Kits for Elementary and Middle School bring science to life! Students are immersed in science and engineering practices throughout the lesson, while teachers save time with instructional videos and pre-packaged supplies, making it easy to promote an active learning environment.

Discovery Education Experience

Discovery Education Experience is packed with a wide variety of teacher tools and classroom resources, including those from partners like NBA, Lockheed Martin, Shark Week, MLB, and Street Science. This flexible K-12 learning platform offers vetted instructional materials and high-quality content, curated by Discovery Education curriculum experts and differentiated by grade level. Choose from an extensive collection of content types—videos, images, audio, text—that mirror the unique interests of students and help them make relevant, lasting connections between science, the classroom, and their everyday lives.

Grade Level Review Documents

Grades K-5

Begin Your Journey

Reviewer’s Toolkit

Download these tools to assist your review of Discovery Education Science. Includes:

Program Information

Overview Brochure

Learn more about Discovery Education Science Techbook for elementary grades K-5.


List of Units and Concepts by grade level.

Literacy Connection Cards

Literacy Connections and integration between Discovery Education Science Techbook and Wonders literacy curriculum.

Hands-On Kits

Grade-level materials list for hands-on activity kits.

Grades 6-8

Begin Your Journey

Reviewer’s Toolkit

Download these tools to assist your review of Discovery Education Science. Includes:

  • Walkthrough Video
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Recommended Integrated Pathway for Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma Standards Correlation

Program Information

Overview Brochure

Learn more about Discovery Education Science Techbook for middle school.

Recommended Unit Pathways for Oklahoma

A visual representation of the recommended unit pathways for Oklahoma, integrated by grade level and organized by science domain.

Program Guide

A complete guide to the new Discovery Education Science Techbook middle school program.

Hands-On Kits

Materials list for hands-on activity kits organized by modular unit.

Grades 9-12

Begin Your Journey

Science Techbook for High School

Science Techbook is a research-backed 4-course digital high school curriculum built on the 5E learning model. Courses are available in:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Earth and Space Science

Program Information

Overview Flyer

Learn more about Discovery Education Science Techbook for high school.

Quick Start Guide

Log in and explore Discovery Education Science Techbook for high school.

Educator Support

Discovery Educator Network (DEN)

In the DEN community, one of the most thriving professional learning networks in the world, educators can ask questions, share ideas, collaborate and participate in valuable events and experiences.

Professional Learning Center

Educators can explore and grow their practice through relevant in-person, virtual and on-demand professional learning opportunities, as well as embedded instructional planning resources, all at their convenience and comfort level.