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Science Techbook for Oregon

Complete Science Program:
Digital + Print + Science Kits + Professional Learning

For Oregon Science Classrooms

Discovery Education is honored to partner with Oregon educators to provide K-12 science solutions aligned with the 2022 Oregon Science Standards. With digital, print, and blended options, DE delivers a wide range of resources to support students as they discover how science is practiced in the real world while focusing on deeper understanding and application of grade-appropriate science content.

K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 Formally Adopted by the Oregon Department of Education for the 2024 Oregon State Adoption​

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Science Techbook

Discovery Education’s Science Techbook is a K-12 science core curriculum complete with an engaging digital platform, print student textbooks, hands-on activity kits, and custom professional learning. This comprehensive curriculum includes ready-to-go phenomena-driven lessons that motivate students, technology tools such as immersive reader and toggle-on Spanish that personalize access, and time-saving teacher tools to streamline prep and grading.

Mystery Science

Mystery Science by Discovery Education is a unique, NGSS-aligned science curriculum for grades K-5 designed to help students stay curious. Mystery Guides lead engaging, open-and-go lessons with step-by-step hands-on activities exploring scientific phenomena using items commonly found in the classroom.

Supplemental & Available to Bundle

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Meet Mystery Science

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Meet Pivot Interactives

Pivot Interactives

Pivot Interactives provides phenomena-based, active learning activities that teachers can embed into every part of the learning cycle, without adding to their plates. With 500+ ready-to-use interactive activities for grades 6-12, students see, measure, analyze, and explore science for themselves.

Supplemental & Available to Bundle

Program Components

Student Print and Digital Editions

Science Techbook is available in print and digital formats to provide a seamless classroom experience. Science Techbook offers students immersive, interactive, and creative ways to explore, including hands-on engineering activities and labs, virtual investigations, and STEM connections.

Teacher Print and Digital Editions

K-5 customized Oregon Teacher Editions and 6-8 customized program guides offer support and strategies to cover the new Oregon Science Standards, as well as provide lesson overviews, standards connections, and differentiation activities. Teachers will find flexible pacing options, embedded teacher notes, and differentiation tools.

Story Cards

Story Cards lay a foundation for the concepts that students will be learning within each unit of the Science Techbook. The Story Cards use vocabulary from each unit and integrate literacy skills into science.
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Professional Learning

Discovery Education Professional Learning provides foundational support with every package, including professional learning days free of charge, which can be delivered as needed throughout the duration of the adoption cycle.

Hands-On Science Kits

With over 1000 hands-on labs, our Hands-On Science Kits offer an easy-to-use, student-centered opportunity to ensure that students and teachers are equipped with the materials they need for real-world scientific investigations.

Discovery Education K-12 Learning Platform

Find timely, relevant content combined with useful teaching tools all in one place. Each month we add new resources from trusted content partners and continue to grow our collection of DE Originals. Ready-to-use lessons, collaboration and assessment tools, and professional learning resources deliver an engaging teacher and student experience.
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Educator Support

Support Educators Every Step of the Way

Discovery Education Professional Learning recognizes the unique opportunities of shifting to new state standards and can provide tailored professional learning to help navigate these changes. Professional Learning is a part of the state adoption, which can be delivered as needed throughout the duration of the adoption cycle.

Access and Equity for All Students

Discovery Education is built to support the unique needs of every learner with interactive resources and multimedia, Spanish/English options, adjustable reading levels, and read-aloud tools.

Discovery Educator Network (DEN)

In the DEN community, one of the most thriving professional learning networks in the world, educators can ask questions, share ideas, collaborate, and participate in events and experiences.

Professional Learning Center

Educators can explore and grow their practice through relevant in-person, virtual, and on-demand professional development opportunities, as well as embedded instructional planning resources, all at their convenience and comfort level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students are introduced to a real-world anchor phenomenon in every unit. Our units are organized around the storyline learning model, creating a three-dimensional learning framework. This relevant phenomenon hooks students and encourages them to ask important questions as they investigate and collaborate to explain, make predictions, and solve problems.

All concepts are launched with a real-world investigative phenomenon and related “Can You Explain? questions directly tied to the Anchor Phenomenon for each unit. This provides multiple pathways for students to demonstrate their sensemaking through the development of models and scientific explanations in the claim, evidence, and reasoning format.

Students revisit the anchor phenomenon repeatedly as they solve problems related to the Unit Project.

Yes! The consumable Student Editions are available in print for Grades K-8. Additionally, digital content is printable.

Yes! Science Techbook offers students immersive, interactive, and creative ways to explore including virtual labs, interactive activities, videos, animations, and more! Pivot Interactives includes 500+ ready-to-use interactive activities for Grades 6-12, where students see, measure, analyze, and explore science for themselves.

Yes! Hands-on kits are available for grades K-8.

Yes, when accessing Science Techbook for Oregeon online for Grades 3-12, students use a toggle to switch content between Reading levels A and B. Reading level B is approximately 200 Lexile points lower.

Yes, when accessing Techbook online, students use a toggle to switch content from English to authentically translated Spanish.

Embedded Strategies for English Language Learners (ELL) are available at point-of-use within the Teacher materials. ELL tools at point-of-use, including speak-to-text, are constructed around the strategies for language acquisition standards. The Student Techbook is available in Spanish via a Toggle.

Students and instructors can also take advantage of the Immersive Reader located within the interactive glossaries. Immersive Reader provides personalized access to the curriculum with features such as read-aloud, line focus, translation, and grammar markings, as well as the ability to adjust the size, style, and color of the font. The Immersive Reader authentically translates the text into over 100 languages.

Yes! The Discovery Education Science Techbook for Oregon curriculum is a research-backed, standards-aligned, blended science curriculum aligned to the 2022 Oregon Science Standards. The pedagogy of the program is grounded in the 5E instructional model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate). DE’s 5E-based science curriculum provides rigorous, hands-on, and digital activities that connect students to the real world around them.

Professional Learning supports educators from implementation and throughout the life of the adoption. Look for training that is effective, relevant, and easy to customize just the way you need it! Professional Learning has flexible implementation including:

  • In-person
  • Asynchronous
  • On-demand

Pivot Interactives has powerful ways for students to collect, share, and analyze data from electronic sensors. From activity instructions, directly collecting sensor data, collaborating in student groups, and providing automatic feedback, Pivot Interactives streamlines sensor-based activities.

Inspire Today’s Students and Create Tomorrow’s Scientists