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ELL Students Using DreamBox Math Demonstrate Significant Growth on End-of-Year Assessments

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Research Brief

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2021 – 2022


Discovery Education


DreamBox Math

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Napa Valley Unified School District piloted DreamBox Math in 2019, but when the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to go remote, district leaders chose to adopt DreamBox Math for all K–8 students for three years knowing it would be critical to support distance learning. The district believed that this would give educators and students ample time to integrate the solution and allow leaders to analyze efficacy data and measure success.

Through the pandemic and beyond, DreamBox Math has proven essential to address unfinished learning and close math opportunity gaps. Students receive the individualized learning they need, while teachers can monitor their usage, standard mastery, and assign work based on progress. This highly personalized learning, when implemented as designed, has ultimately led to marked student improvement on STAR Math.
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Sarah Knox
Director of Prevention & Intervention, Napa Valley Unified School District, CA

NVUSD partnered with DreamBox research team in 2022 to explore the impact of DreamBox Math. By analyzing 2021-2022 usage compared with STAR Math achievement results from fall 2021 and spring 2022, the teams believed they could determine if DreamBox Math had an impact on: Standardized test achievement, students across grades K-8 and achievement levels, students who are English Language Learners, and students who qualify for FRL.

Significant Results for ELL Students

Nearly one third of the student population in Napa Valley Unified School District are English Language Learners. Data shows that ELL students in grades 1-8 who completed about one hour of DreamBox Math per week demonstrated 8 percentile points more growth on the end-of-year assessments than students who did not use the program. This significant increase was also evident across all starting achievement levels, all grades, and for students who qualify for FRLP.

Napa Valley DBMath Results