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Research from Over 100,000 Students Shows DreamBox Math Works



Research Brief

Time Period:

2019 – 2022




DreamBox Math

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By personalizing instruction, DreamBox Math ensures that all students can achieve significant growth in math.

Over the past several years, Discovery Education has partnered with third-party research organizations, expert data scientists, and education researchers to analyze the efficacy of DreamBox Math across over 100,000 K–8 students. The rich data set includes students using DreamBox Math in class, at home, during accelerated programs, for intervention, and for practice.

Researchers applied a variety of methodologies to explore diverse data for students from different-sized districts, in unique parts of the nation, and facing varying learning challenges. Regardless of how researchers explored data, all types of students’ math proficiency grew with DreamBox Math. The six takeaways in this report demonstrate how versatile this program is for all learners.

Millions of Data Points

100,000+ Students

Six Key Research Takeaways